The Knesset of the Israeli Parliament presented an invaluable badge in honor of Isaac Herzog, the 11th future President of Israel (NFT) archive of the original draft of Wednesday ‘s vote, signed by Herzog’ s father, former President Chaim Herzog, as a gift to the inauguration of the new president.

The oath’s physical document comes from former President Chaim Herzog, the sixth president, signed on May 5, 1983. It says, “aan I promise to maintain allegiance to the State of Israel and its laws and to faithfully fulfill my role as President.” by coverage from your local news agency.

“I am excited to give President-elect Herzog a special memory of his father, which includes the wording of an oath signed 38 years ago,” said Kicket Speaker Mickey Levy.

Knesset experts produced a unique image file using a secure and encrypted mobile device. Local media reported that this is the first parliament to use this anywhere in the world technology With regard to the NFT, the wording of the notification quotes. In addition, the souvenir will be kept in digital form and a printed copy that is not for sale and will reportedly be kept in cold storage before returning at the end of his presidency.

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Herzogin NFT; Photo: Israel Knesset.

President Isaac Herzog said in his inaugural address and promised to be “the President of All”:

“My job, my job, is to do everything to restore hope,”

The 60-year-old new president has served as Labor leader and opposition leader before his presidency.

Israel is developing CBDC shekels

In addition to the application of the NFT, Israel is also reforming its monetary policy. A senior supervisor of the Central Bank of Israel said the bank was completed digital currency, shekel, testing last month. Last year, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange announced and was launched a centralized blockchain-based securities lending platform to streamline digital securities trading.

Image source: Israel Knesset



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