Probably everyone interested in blockchain has read several news stories about incredibly profitable initiatives based on the NFT, and are now wondering how to be a part of the game.

This webinar provides the necessary elements to help blockchain practitioners understand the opportunities offered by blockchain as an infrastructure that uses NFTs while keeping away from speculative adventures and hyps. The session will evolve on a variety of topics such as the history, growth and trends of NFTs, NFTs using cases from different industries, and the current boundaries of NFT applications.

101 Blockchains is hosting this webinar on “Demystification of Undisclosed Tokens (NFT)” presented by:

  • John Ho, Director, Lawyer, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

Webinar topics:

  • Expected benefits and – most importantly – challenges related to NFT services
  • How to approach the NFT from a regulatory perspective
  • The future and practical applications of NFT, especially from a business perspective

It is important to note that 101 Blockchains does not encourage you to invest in NFT. This presentation is by no means a temptation to invest money in the NFT.

It is just a market analysis of a blockchain event.

When: Thursday 12 August | 10:00 am ET | 16:00 CET | 15:00 BST

About the author

Aviv Lichtigstein

Founder of 101Blockchains. For years, he has been researching blockchain technology. And he’s looking for innovation in corporate block chains. Through 101Blockchains, he promotes and supports digital blockchain change.


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