Is your Pinterest feed full of pins you are not interested in?

If it is, you can reset it so that it only shows the pins you want.

Pinterest curated your feed based on many factors.

One of them is your Pinterest history or pins you have recently reviewed.

For example, if you’ve recently viewed a lot of recipes, your Pinterest feed will include recipes.

Similarly, if you’ve been looking at a lot of fashion lately, your Pinterest feed includes fashion.

Pinterest also shows pins based on which you follow.

For example, if you follow a lot of users in a streetwear niche, you’ll see a lot of streetwear in your feed.

In short, you need to change the way you interact on Pinterest to get the feed you want.

In this guide, you will learn how to restore your Pinterest feed.

How to restore a Pinterest feed

To reset your Pinterest feed, go to “Tune your home feed.”

On the “Tune in to your home feed” page, you’ll need to turn off all history, turn off disc recommendations, turn off topics, and turn off profile tracking.

On the “Tune in to your home feed” page, you can change your Pinterest feed.

It contains 4 tabs including “History”, “Boards”, “Topics” and “Profiles”.

You can edit feeds by editing each tab.

The History tab contains the pins you’ve recently viewed.

The Tables tab contains all the tables you created, while the Topics tab displays the following topics.

Finally, the Profiles tab shows the users you follow on Pinterest.

You can edit these settings to change your Pinterest feed.

Here’s how to change your Pinterest feed:

  1. Go to “Tune your home feed”
  2. Disable all history
  3. Disable government recommendations
  4. Delete topics
  5. Do not follow profiles

1. Go to “Tune your home feed”

The first step is to go to “Tune your home feed”.

In the first place open Pinterest and Log in to your account if you haven’t already.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see an drop-down arrow in the top navigation bar.

The drop-down menu is located next to your profile picture.

Click the drop-down arrow in the navigation bar at the top.

After clicking the drop-down arrow, the navigation menu opens.

The navigation menu contains several options.

This includes Settings, Tuning Home Feed, installing a Windows application, and more.

Click “Tune in to your home feed” to go to the “Tune Your Home Feed” page.

2. Disable all history

After clicking Tune Your Home Feed, you will be taken to the History tab.

On the “Tune in to your home feed” page, you can edit your settings.

You can change your settings to change or reset your Pinterest feed.

On the History tab, you’ll see the pins you’ve recently viewed.

Pinterest shows you pins based on your recent views.

That’s why you need to turn off your history so Pinterest doesn’t recommend pins to you based on that.

To do so click “Turn off all” turn off your history.

Alternatively, you can click “Shut Down” on pins you don’t like.

3. Disable the table recommendations

Once you’ve disabled history, you’ll need to go to the Tables tab.

Click on “Boards” to go to the “Disks” tab.

On the Tables tab, you can see all the tables you have created.

Your home feed on Pinterest is also based on the tables you create.

If you want to prevent Pinterest from recommending pins based on the tables you create, you need to turn off recommendations.

Next to the ferries, click on the switches disable recommendations.

The switch should change from black (on) to white (off).

In this case, your Pinterest feed will not contain pins based on your created discs.

4. Delete topics

The next step is to remove the topics you are following on Pinterest.

In the first place Click the Topics tab to go to the “Topics” page.

On the Topics page, you’ll see all the topics you’re following on Pinterest.

Your Pinterest feed contains pins based on the topics you follow.

To stop this, you need to delete all the topics you are following.

Click Delete under each topic to remove them.

Once you delete all topics, your Pinterest feed will no longer be based on the topics you follow.

5. Do not follow profiles

The final step is to remove tracking of profiles on Pinterest.

Your Pinterest feed is also based on the people you follow.

For example, if you follow a lot of people in your financial niche, your feed is full of financial pins.

If you want to reset your feed, you’ll need to disable everyone’s Pinterest tracking.

In the first place click the Profiles tab.

This will open the Profiles page, where you will see the profiles you are following on Pinterest.

Click the Next button in each profile so you can stop following everyone.

Once you stop following everyone on Pinterest, your home feed will no longer be based on the people you follow.


According to Pinterest, your home feed is curated based on three factors.

This includes from your most recent activity, People You Follow, and Boards You Follow.

If you want to change the look of your Pinterest feed, you need to follow the people and boards you want.

Do not follow people and boards what you don’t like so your home feed doesn’t contain unwanted pins.

If you still don’t like your Pinterest feed, the last straw is make a new account.

To create a new account, log out of your current Pinterest account and click “Register”.

Then use the secondary email address to create the account.

Creating a new Pinterest account will reset your feed.

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