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In this article, we introduce a new feature in Awaro – the city and state filter. We’ll explain how to set it up, and we’ll talk about use cases for laser-based location tracking.


  1. Why should you use location-based monitoring?
  2. How do I use the Awario location filter?

Imagine you are going to open a new cafe in Chicago and you really want to know what people think of the coffee there: what roast they like, what they appreciate in the cafes and what they hate, they want delivery, etc. Now you can do it without having to spend time on surveys or audiences!

You thought Awario just added a city and state filter to its tracking settings. Now you’ll immediately find all of your keyword mentions in a specific city, state, or region of any country.

An example of Awario settings for exploring the atmosphere around Chicago’s cafes

We’re very excited to talk about a feature our customers have been asking for for a long time, but first let’s look at cases where it can be useful.

Why should you use location-based monitoring?

Monitoring cities and states for local businesses

There are many reasons why you may need to focus on specific cities or regions in your social media tracking process, but the most common way is to target consumers to your local business.

Let’s go back to the cafe example. Imagine you are planning a marketing campaign for laucnh and want to run an infuncer-dive social media campaign. Of course, you are not interested in influencers who live elsewhere because they will not be able to display your services in your salon. However, it is very time consuming to manually check where each micro-influencer you can live on Google.

Instead, you can create a tracking alert for Awario by targeting keywords related to nails and beauty and selecting Chicago as the influence search location. You get social media posts from Chicago only Entries are entered, and then you can sort them by availability to find users from popular accounts to find influencers.

Monitoring cities and states on audience segmentation

Even if you’re an international company, you may still need to target a specific area and segment your audience by location. Audience segmentation is an important part audience analysis, so you can’t forget it. Fortunately, Awario does just that – it analyzes your audience in a particular city or region and gives you a variety of demographics, psychographic, and behavioral insights.

Starbucks Café in Manchester, for example, is clearly interested in Manchester reviews. Even for a technical start-up or an international consulting firm, it may be helpful to know how their audiences differ in different states and cities. You may find that people in the capital and smaller cities prioritize different things in terms of customer service, the product itself, and corporate communications.

Ok, but enough reasons to use location-based controls – you probably know them better than we did because it was such a sought-after feature. Let’s talk about the details: how do you set location-based control in Awario?

How do I use the Awario location filter?

The position filter is very easy to use. Awario could assign countries to a tracking alert in the past, and now you can only add the names of states, regions, and cities in your languages ​​in the same field.

However, we planned Alarm settings page a bit, so going through it doesn’t hurt. This allows you to set a tracking alert that targets specific regions and cities.

Step 1: Set the alarm

Once you have registered Awario’s free trial or click the plus sign in the left sidebar, you will be directed immediately Alarm settings page. Here you need to click More Options to see all the settings.

Alarm settings page

Alarm settings page

The Awario’s alarm settings are now divided into “Main Alarm Settings” and “Advanced Alarm Settings”, and the location filter is placed in the advanced settings.

In the main alert settings section, you can enter the name of the alert, the keywords to track, the URL of your website, and the negative keywords that will exclude certain conversations from your search. This is a good feature if your keywords are fairly general and you want to filter out unrelated mentions.

Awario's main alert settings for social media monitoring

Example of “Main alarm settings”

Pro Tip: Choose keywords

Don’t forget to add typos and abbreviations for your brand if you set up a brand tracking alert. This will ensure that you get all the mentions you need.

You can then go to advanced settings where you can specify the languages ​​you mention, the sources, i.e. social media platforms, and Internet channels, how long you want to go back in time in your tracking, and finally the locations.

Location settings in Awario

Location settings in Awario

You can add countries, territories, cities, and states Locations field in your native language. You can add multiple cities or regions. Awario saves your previous location selections and recommends them the next time you set an alarm.

It may be impossible to identify the location of some entries by their source. If you also want to receive conversations from unknown locations, select the checkbox below the field.

Pro Tip: Reddit tracking

Reddit does not share information about the location of messages, so conversations from Reddit have an undefined location. Keep in mind that when setting up a search, you can completely exclude Reddit sources in the settings or filter it out when processing entries.

That’s it! Now you can click “Create” and start tracking.

Step 2: Process the entries

Given the power of Awario’s real-time tracking, you’ll start getting mentions right away. If your goal is social customer service, it’s a good idea to start responding to these discussions right away, if not – you can wait a few more minutes to get more information.

You’ll get a feed with all the conversations that mention the keywords coming from the locations you specify. You can:

  • Group author mentions or discussions.
  • Sort they by date (latest entries are on), coverage (most influential entries are on), or number of conversation entries.
  • Filter they are based on the filters available in the settings, their scope, opinions, message authors, the words in those messages, the tags you give them, and more.

Note that you can further filter conversations based on their location. This means that you can find location-specific conversations about alerts you have already set or set a general unspecified alert, but will find listings for a specific city if such a need arises using input filters.

The location-based filter mentions social media

Filters available for feed mentions

If you combine social media profiles, you can interact with Awario mentions: likes, comments, and respond to them.

This can be very helpful in social customer service and community management.

You can also climax Mention report or Dashboard get analyzes of the audience of this particular city, including opinions, topic, gender, age and more.

Analysis of discussions about pizza in New York

Analysis of discussions about pizza in New York

For you

Awario has inspired our customers! We hope you enjoy the new feature, and if you have any ideas for improving Awario, don’t hesitate Contact us! We are always ready to develop and improve the tool based on our customers ’requests.


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