Video screenshot via Airheads in the United States

Remember chicken sandwich wars? Well, most of us thought it was over. But in honor of the fried chicken day on July 6, candy brand Airheads released its own fried chicken sandwich to take the big guns.

Unlike others on the chicken sandwiches on the market, Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy is buns made entirely of Airheads Xtremes – rainbow-colored candies coated with sour sugar.

Between the buns are crispy fried chicken topped with coleslawa, spicy mayonnaise and pickles. Yummy or yucky? You decide.

From now on, sandwiches are not scheduled to be introduced nationwide as Airheads does not have its own restaurants. However, according to Time-out, the brand introduced a sweet and savory portion at Chicago’s Frances’s Deli and Brunchery for lunch on July 6th.

Could it possibly do you come close to food in a truck? Watch the burger promotion video below and decide if you’re in the game enough to try this weird burger.

[via Time Out, cover image via Airheads US]



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