BetterDiscord has a built-in plugin loader and plugin API.

Extensions increase Discord functionality Through Javascript.

You can download community-created extensions from the BetterDiscord website.

You can also create your own extension and send it to the community.

BetterDiscord plug-ins are required first download plugin.

Then go to “User Preferences” and click on “Extensions”.

Then click “Open Plugins Folder” to open the plugins folder.

Finally, drag and drop the extension which you have downloaded plugins folder.

Once you’ve dropped an extension into the plugins folder, you’ll need to enable it.

Here are the top 7 BetterDiscord plug-ins:

  1. ShowHiddenChannels
  2. GoogleTranslateOption
  3. BetterRoleColors
  4. Badges everywhere
  5. HideDisabledEmojis
  6. ImageUtilities
  7. AutoStartRichPresence

1. ShowHiddenChannels

ShowHiddenChannels download link:

Some Discord servers have private channels.

The private channel is only visible to users special roles.

For example, some channels are for moderators only.

Users who are not moderators will not see the channel.

The ShowHiddenChannels plugin allows you to see all hidden channels.

However, you cannot read them.

More than 220,000 plugins have been downloaded by DevilBro.

2. GoogleTranslateOption

GoogleTranslateOption download link:

If you are a member not in English On the server, the conversation can be difficult to understand.

To understand a message, you need to copy and paste it into Google Translate.

However, this is not a seamless experience.

The GoogleTranslateOption extension allows you to translate messages directly to Discord.

This eliminates the need to switch to Google Translate.

To translate a message, first right-click it.

Then, click “Translate message” translate the message.

The extension has over 90,000 downloads and was made by DevilBro.

3. BetterRoleColors

BetterRoleColors download link:

The BetterRoleColors plug-in adds role colors for typing, sounds, pop-ups, models, and more.

Whenever someone writes, the colors of their role are displayed.

In voice chats, users’ names are colored according to their role.

In pop-ups and modals, user names are colored.

Finally, the role colors also appear in the audit log.

The plugin allows you to Enable or disable individual modules and pop-ups, so you have full control over them.

BetterRoleColors has over 70,000 downloads and was made by Zerebos.

4. Badges everywhere

Tags: Everywhere download link: / characters everywhere.

The BadgesEverywhere plug-in displays characters throughout Discord.

For example, if you have a Nitro or Hypesquad badge, it will appear everywhere.

Buttons are displayed in chat and member lists.

If you don’t have an extension, your IDs will only appear on your profile.

BadgesEverywhere has over 60,000 downloads made by DevilBro.

5. HideDisabledEmojis

HideDisabledEmojis download link:

If you have Discord Nitro, you can use emoticons everywhere.

However, if you do not have Discord Nitro, you can only use a selected number of emoticons.

When you open the emoji selector, you see a lot gray emojis.

Gray emoji means you can’t use it.

If you see a lot of gray emoji in the emoji selector, it’s best to disable them.

HideDisabledEmojis plugin hide disabled emojis emoji selector.

This way, you only see emojis that you can use.

The extension has over 60,000 downloads and was made by Zerebos.

6. ImageUtilities

ImageUtilities download link:

Do you often view or save images in a discord?

If you do, you can download the ImageUtilities plug-in.

ImageUtilities adds several image and video utilities.

Utilities include gallery, download, reverse lookup, zoom, copy, and more.

The extension also shows the details of the images in the chat.

ImageUtilities has over 50,000 downloads and was made by DevilBro.

7. AutoStartRichPresence

AutoStartRichPresence download link:

AutoStartRichPresence plug-in starts automatically With Custom Rich Presence when you open Discord.

This is useful because you do not have to start Custom Rich Presence manually.

Custom abundant presence at odds gives you more custom game to your profile.

You can also add buttons to your profile using hyperlinks.

Whenever someone visits Discord on your profile, they can see your custom versatile presence.

The extension has over 20,000 downloads and was made by Lucario.


If you have BetterDiscord, download plug-ins to improve Discord functionality.

However, some extensions violate Discord’s Terms of Use, so you must download them at your own risk.

Nevertheless, there is very little chance of getting a Discord ban on downloading plug-ins.

You can visit this link to see a complete list of BetterDiscord extensions:

In addition, you can sort the list by categories and tags.

To see the most popular extensions, click “Sort by” and then “Popular.”

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