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The Humble Bundle video game storefront is facing backlash due to an upcoming change in its payment system. In mid-July, the company announced that it will no longer allow customers to donate 100% of their purchase to charity. Humble Bundle will take between 15-30% of all revenue generated from sales on its website.

This change has been a long time coming. In April, Humble Bundle tried to get rid of its payment “sliders,” the little dials that let you choose how much money from your purchase goes to charities, developers, or the Humble Storefront. It was a major change from the company’s original business model and drew a flood of criticism. Humble Bundle brought back the cursors and promised he would soon find a less offensive way to take a guaranteed shopping cut.

Obviously, this is the company’s solution. Its payment sliders will remain, but Humble Bundle will take a 15-30% off all purchases. Humble Bundle says its payment system will be “transparent” and tell customers exactly how much of their money is going to the storefront.

It should be noted that Humble Bundle does not rely on bulk purchases for its income. The company actually takes a 5% reduction of all Humble choice subscriptions, which cost $ 12 per month.

According to Alan Patmore, executive vice president of Humble Bundle, the company needs to cut back on purchases to stay afloat in the ever-changing world of PC gaming. In an interview with Kotaku, Patmore states that “operational costs, such as the cost of acquiring content, have increased dramatically.” This change in the gaming landscape is likely the result of new services like Epic Games and Xbox Game Pass, which sign exclusive deals with the developers and are more convenient to use than Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle does not publish detailed financial information, so we do not know if the company is doing well from a business standpoint. To this day, Humble Bundle claims it is given over $ 198 million for charity, and the company raised around $ 30 million for charity in 2020.

Source: Kotaku


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