Picture through Parallels

Just a week after that Windows 11 Microsoft introduced, cross-platform virtualization software Parallels has announced plans to bring a new update to macOS.

April Parallel update brought Apple Silicon and M1 chip support along with performance and power improvements. At this pace, the company will be able to begin its next step: deliver just updated Windows software.

Nick Dobrovolskiy, director of Parallels Planning and support, said iMore that the team “will certainly do everything possible to accomplish it.” Currently, the software has more than seven million users, a number that is growing after Apple announced that the transition to Apple Silicon would indeed be End of Boot Camp, an alternative way to use Windows on a Mac.

Virtualization software to share parts of the standard hardware of an individual computer, such as processors and memory, to virtual computers or virtual machines (virtual machines). This allows a a more flexible method making the use of traditional physical computer hardware more efficient and thus more efficient for businesses and users who only need certain resources at certain times.

Although there is no specific release date has yet to be confirmed, with the exception of vague “upcoming Parallels Desktop updates”, it is known that Parallels is currently being tested on macOS Monterey Beta while being optimized for Big Sur running version 16.

[via 9to5Mac, image via Parallels]



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