The cryptocurrency has been the attraction of the digital world for the past couple of years. It has helped many companies and individual digital content producers generate revenue by investing in and doing business in it. Currently, the secret field is an important part of the digital economy, where most business communities think. The main reason for the company’s incredible success is the ability to operate without the involvement of third parties. The involvement of third party authorities delays the trading process and increases the allocation of commission costs to intermediaries. The attractive features of the cryptocurrency have paved the way for many innovative creations, such as non-refundable tokens, DeFi applications, social tokens, etc. The most interesting creation among the cryptocurrency field is social logo development platform. This platform is very similar to non-exchangeable badges, but the only exception is that social IDs are exchangeable. The concept of social token trading has given rise to the development of a decentralized social logo trading platform, a unique platform that is said to work similarly to social media platforms. At the Blockchain App Factory, we help you create your own distributed social ID trading platform so you can improve your business.

Social IDs – Quick Review

A social ID is the latest interchangeable brand that is created on a blockchain platform and exists in a distributed environment, eliminating the lack of third-party authorities. Social ID is a community-centric platform where communities, groups, organizations, and individual digital content producers can make money. This encryption project acts as a bridge between the author and the Collector, creating immediate trust. There are two types of social logos, such as personal and community logos.