Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announces further expansion into videos when he notes that his company’s app is more than just photo sharing.

In a video posted on social media, Mosseri says Instagram is currently building new experiences in four key areas.

The company ‘s primary goal is creators and help them earn a living with new revenue recognition features. Mosseri recognizes the transfer of power from institutions to individuals in different industries, and he wants to move Instagram in that direction.

The second most important is video, which is seeing a huge amount of growth online on all major platforms right now. Mosseri says Instagram needs to rely more on videos, and will explain later how he plans to do it.


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The third area that Instagram plans to expand is shopping. The pandemic accelerated the transition of commerce from offline to network, boosting the industry for several years. Instagram is trying to take advantage of this trend.

The fourth area that Instagram plans to build is messages, which Mosser says has become the primary way to connect with your close friends in the app. Over the past five years, communication has shifted away from input mail and stories and shifted toward DMs.

Mosseri will share more information on how Instagram plans to expand its video offering and get new content in front of more users.


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Great video plans on Instagram

“We’re no longer an app for sharing photos,” Mosseri says before starting his company’s video plans.

An Instagram study finds that the number one reason people use the app is to be entertaining. That’s what people look for every time they open it.

For the convenience of users, Instagram relies more on videos. Mosseri admits that there is serious competition between TikTok and YouTube, which means Instagram still has a lot of work to do to get to the same level.

The company will rise to this challenge by making a number of changes that will be implemented in the near future. One of these changes is a new way to distribute content and introduce users to a wide variety of content providers.

In the coming months, Instagram will experiment more with recommendations mode. This includes displaying user content in their feeds from accounts they may not yet be tracking.

An early version of this test began to be introduced last week. This week is a new test where users can say what topics they want to see more or less.

Instagram is also experimenting with using video as a content format. Mosseri briefly discusses what to expect:

“We’re also going to try out how to embrace video more broadly – full screen, immersive, entertaining, mobile video first. And so you’ll see us doing several things or trying out several things in this mode in the coming months.”


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Finally, the company expects to be more transparent about future changes in communications. Note that these plans represent continuous work and not overnight change.

“Now we have an idea of ​​where we want to go in six months or a year, but I’m sure things change many times now and then. This can’t be done overnight. So you see us repeating and trying to be very public about what we do and why with videos like this. “

Watch the full video with Mosser below:


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