Editor’s Note: This article was published in its original form in February 2020. It has been updated to provide the current most popular Jobs APIs based on pageviews. Programmable Web.

Whether developers want to create applications for job seekers or job seekers, Jobs class on Programmable Web is the best place to find suitable APIs or APIs.

What is work API?

Jobs API is Application programming interface which allows developers to add work information to applications.

From there, developers can find APIs that can index websites for jobs, returns background check information, return job search information, returns job-specificor specialized recruitment information, salary information, assistance with the interview process, and many other job hiring and search purposes.

This article describes the top ten workplace APIs based on our reader visits.

1. Indeed API

Indeed, there is a job search engine that gives job seekers free access to millions of job opportunities from thousands of websites. Indeed.com contains all job postings from the largest job boards, newspapers, associations, and company career pages. Indeed an APIFollow this API allows developers to integrate Indeed into employer interface or job seeker interface applications.

2. Careerjet API

Careerjet is a job search engine that searches for job postings on the websites of companies and organizations in a variety of industries and locations. Job seekers can also post their resumes to Careerjet and create job postings. Careerjet APIFollow this API allows developers to embed Careerjet search results on other websites. Search results can be returned by keywords, locations, companies, industries, and other criteria. HTTP The API is not documented, but client libraries are available in Java, Perl, PHP, .Net 2.0 and Ruby.

3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder APIFollow this API allows users to integrate a database of more than 1.5 million jobs into your software or website. The API provides methods for basic job retrieval, retrieving information for a specific job, and retrieving a job. The API is available to partner-level customers.

4. Dice jobs

Dice is a website where tech and engineering professionals can search for jobs. It provides lists of more than 80,000 jobs in technology, as well as articles on technology development and career counseling. Dice Jobs APIFollow this API allows users to search for jobs, apply for jobs based on ID, and get lists of recommended jobs.

Get information about engineering jobs using the Dice Jobs API. Screenshot: Dice

5. Skill Search API

It’s your skill (IYS) is your work skills Resource IST service aimed at creating a knowledge-based approach to skills management and a common universal language skill. Skills Search APIFollow this API seeks skills from skills Library that it is your skill to master. This skill library covers skills in all industries and activities. This library is constantly updated. With this API, you can search and find jobs based on skills, children’s skills, sibling skills, and related skills.

6. LinkUp API

LinkUp Job Search APIFollow this API enables access to more than 3.5 million active jobs LinkUp indexes data directly from 30,000 company websites. The API is available to registered developers.

7. Monster API

The Monster service includes products and services for job search, career management, recruitment and the capability economy. Monster Web Services Toolkit APIFollow this API allows users to post job postings on the Monster.com job search service. Users interact with BGW by submitting SOAP messages over HTTPS.

8. Lever Postings API

Lever is a collaborative applicant tracking system and recruitment Chassis. The platform integrates with email to improve communication and ask for feedback from the candidate is easy. Lever Postings APIFollow this API allows users to programmatically search for job advertisements in their company, receive advertisements that match the announced search, obtain individual advertisements based on their ID, and apply for a job advertisement.

9. Bullhorn Staffing API

Bullhorn is a technology company that provides total solutions for personnel and recruitment agencies. The Bullhorn API provides programmatic access to Bullhorn system data. It allows developers to integrate the system with related applications. The API offers several functions, such as: continuing parsing, searching for candidates, adding jobs, retrieving files, and more. Both a SOAPFollow this API and RESTFollow this API API is available.

10. GitHub jobs

GitHub Jobs is an online workplace focusing on software design, web development and related fields. GitHub Jobs APIFollow this API allows users to search, view, and create lists JSON-based REST calls. There are features that allow users to search for jobs by description, location, full-time or part-time, or any combination of these. Users can also use the API to retrieve a single JSON presentation for a job posting.


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