Getting a good idea for a startup is not enough if you can’t get others to see your vision. Pitch covers are the medium used to bridge this gap. Helps visualize your startup ideas for investors.

A well-designed quick cover is usually the reason for the success of many modern startups. It earns them their first rounds of funding and makes the company work.

If you’re also starting your startup ladies for investors, check out some of the examples below that made startup ladies a billion dollar businesses.

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What is a pitch cover?

A pitch on the deck is a type of presentation or slideshow in which you present a startup or business idea to investors. In the world of venture capital, pitch covers are like your resume that you present to win over investors.

Unlike most other types of presentation, cover covers are short, concise, and very straightforward. Basically, it’s a brief look at the startup, the problems it solves, and why you think it will work.

While creating such an accurate cover is not as easy as it sounds. Let’s explore some famous startup cover covers and learn why they succeeded.

Airbnb pitch-deck

The Airbnb cutting deck is a legend among presentation designers. It is one of the most perfectly designed deck decks of all time. And that’s the pitch that made Airbnb the $ 385 billion startup it is today.

Why it worked

The Airbnb playing field proves that the key to winning is to keep things short. In fact, there were only 10 slides on this field. The startup was able to compress all its best data into 10 slides with a clean and modern design.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

Voute - Pitch Deck Powerpoint template

You don’t have to be an expert designer to create such a large field. Instead, you can use a template. This model is perfect if you plan to approach a short and sweet approach to play deck design.

square-pitch deck

Not all boot quests can be explained with just 10 simple slides. Startups that aim to bring a new concept to a competitive market require a well-thought-out and more informative field. It was Square who made his spike deck to convince investors to invest in the company.

Why it worked

If you have a more complex startup key that you can explain on the hoof cover, use Square’s pitch as an example to find out which slides are included and which are avoided.

Although the slides now look a bit outdated, this vertical cover was able to encapsulate the Square successfully. After this field, Square managed to raise more than $ 500 million in funding in several rounds.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

Pitch Deck model square

With this PowerPoint template, you can create a more accurate pitch while presenting more information about your business.

facebook pitch deck

This is one of the earliest pitches Facebook uses in its early round of seed funding. This happened at a time when the company was known as “thefacebook”. At the time, this field had one of the best models.

Why it worked

Facebook was not a brand new startup. It competed against other popular platforms such as Myspace and Friendster. This highlight shows how well the company described the platform in a very simple way on each slide to help investors understand the purpose of the business.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

Pitch Werk - a stylish Powerpoint pitch cover

This cutting deck model is ideal if you are designing a cutting device like the Facebook model. It has slides whose layout supports the textual approach.

mintcom-prelaunch-pitch-deck created this cover 5 months before launch. Needless to say, this quick cover is what made a reality and made it a $ 170 million business just 2 years after launch.

Why it worked

The deck of the field features PowerPoint design from 2007 and is a master class on how to highlight key features of your business and compare it to competitors.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

KRAFTED - Business Pitch Powerpoint template

Use this cover template if you also want to create a set of slides with competitive information and highlights.


This field pack was used in LinkedIn’s Series B funding round. As you can see from the presentation, it has more information about the company than the regular startup cover. That’s probably what helped the company raise more funds on its way to a $ 26 billion company.

Why it worked

The LinkedIn game deck has a lot of information and statistics on almost every slide on the deck. Visualizing this information made it look more interesting. You will find that there are all sorts of charts on the deck.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template Directory

This model also comes with customizable infographics, charts, and diagrams to enhance data visualization.

bumper slide cover

Bumper is a startup that started small but made it a well-known name in the world of social media. The company is now worth more than $ 80 million. This is the sliding cover that the company used to raise its first $ 500,000 in funding.

Why it worked

The simple and clean design made this deck a success. It also condensed the entire boot into 12 slides. With large bold headings and short descriptions.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

Venture pitch on deck

If you also want pitch with big headings and text, this template is for you.


This is the first armchair Foursquare used to present the company to investors. And it’s the deck deck that made the company operate with more than $ 1.3 million in initial funding.

Why it worked

Foursquare used the Quick Cover gently to showcase the features of the service through screenshots of the app. This helped prove and convince investors how effective and simple the use of the app is.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

Getta - Investor Pitch Deck Powerpoint model

Use this template and make sure you add a lot of screenshots and pictures to the cover as well.

mapme field

Mapme, an interactive mapping platform, used this simple and effective deck to raise a million-dollar seed funding round. And it only has 14 slides.

Why it worked

Describing the key features of the platform in concise bullet-type paragraphs has made this field cover a success. It also uses it to visually demonstrate the features of the application as well.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

Cutter - Pitch Deck PowerPoint template

This cutting deck design will help you create a slide deck with a clean and minimal approach, just like Mapme uses.


Imagine collecting $ 65 million using a playing field of just 12 slides. It was this Mixpanel managed to achieve with his play deck.

Why it worked

A startup trying to advertise analytics software can be expected to have a lot of graphics at pitch, such as charts and graphs. But this pitch mostly uses text to easily explain what kind of problems the startup is trying to solve.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

Pitch Deck - Powerpoint Template panel

This type of simple PowerPoint template is great for creating a clean layout and a text-rich cover.

seomoz pitch deck

This is the iconic quick cover of Rand Fishkin, which introduced Mozia (formerly SEOMoz) to investors and raised funds in 2011.

Why it worked

What makes this cover cover different from the rest is how it uses drawings and pictures as a way to describe key aspects with a little humor. It may not work for all startups, but it probably made this cover a success.

Recommended Pitch Deck model

Investor Pitch Deck for startups

Many ready-made PowerPoint field cover templates have vector graphics, icons, and even drawings that you can use in your presentations. Like this one.


Hopefully you can apply some of the tricks used in these field decks when creating your own designs. You can also check us out the best field deck designs collection to find inspiration.


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