Hey everybody. This time, I would like to focus on an important step in communication with end users. You’re right, we’ll briefly look at welcome emails and deployment in the SaaS sector.

Welcome email is the factor that determines your relationship, whether you are B2C or B2B oriented to your business. The lion’s share of success and transformation depends on first impression. If you fail, there can be no other chance. This is a key principle of boarding. What’s special about SaaS brands here?

First, the most important is the digital online form of our relationships with users. It is a very rare situation when we meet in person. Conversations, customer support… all channels are digital. Includes emails. So we need to focus our efforts on these ways of communicating.

Second, we offer our customers a digital product. That’s why it’s not enough that SaaS welcome emails say “Hello guy, welcome.” In addition to good behavior, these campaigns should help customers adapt to our application or online service.

How is this done? Just attach the user guide. PDF file welcome email, or add a screenshot of the interface? Not the best way to be honest. There are much more creative solutions.

And there is no problem today with introducing similar effective emails. Modernilla HTML email template editors like this, you are sure to find a pre-designed model that fits your goals. So we don’t stop at technical issues, let’s continue with the ten examples that inspire you.

1. Gmail

You may think that your product is the most user-friendly software in the world. You can easily navigate its interface even with your eyes closed. But the situation is completely different when users launch it for the first time. They may not know how to use all the features and even how to set them correctly.

Gmail doesn’t write long instructions here. For email, it can’t be too long. Otherwise, subscribers simply won’t read it. Instead of many words, the Gmail team added direct links to the information they wanted. Their email is minimalist but informative and concise.

2. Mailchimp

m Top 10 examples of welcome email for SaaS companies

Another way to avoid overuse of textual content. This famous ESP service sends new entrants an email with an attractive cute image. This is much more contagious for users. For this reason, in addition to the benefits and key features, Mailchimp offers a visually organized component: a brief guide and a possible result that we can achieve when using their service.

3. Shopify

image9 Top 10 examples of welcome email for SaaS companies

When new users sign up for Shopify, their team asks two simple questions: “why are you creating a store” and “what is your annual earnings.” The answers are immediately used to segment the database. While this welcome message is common to everyone, users clearly understand that incoming emails will be tailored to the needs of each customer.

4. Email about acid

e Top 10 Examples of Welcome Email for SaaS Businesses

Familiar tool, isn’t it? If you use their services, you have probably seen their welcome message. As we said above, SaaS welcome emails should contain useful information. You can add some kind of introductory text, links to detailed instructions, and so on. Acid email has filled the message with a maximum number for beginners and even added a link to purchase the premium version. Note that there is no visual overload here.

5. Netflix

image2 Top 10 examples of welcome email for SaaS companies

The purpose of this email is not just to welcome users and tell them about the benefits of a paid subscription. One of the best welcome messages for the SaaS, Netflix email gives users the information they need in a logical order. Price, then order duration, and finally billing information. Everything is clear.

6. Crello

c Top 10 examples of welcome email for SaaS companies

Another good example of SaaS deployment. This brand provides manuals on how to use the useful features of the service. Readers will find a guide here for editing texts, visual elements, and creating infographics – note that the guides are organized into video guides. Do you know that embedded videos are now in trend?

7. Event

image5 Top 10 examples of welcome email for SaaS companies

Stick to the principle of minimalism and informativeness just like Eventbrite. This email is as simple as SaaS welcome messages should be. Although it gives new customers very important information. After a short and friendly reception, they briefly outline the three-step process of using the service and add a support service contact. So users know what to do and where to ask for help if something goes wrong.

8. Wistia

image6 Top 10 examples of welcome email for SaaS companies

A business video service called Wistia comes with the amazing practice of adding memorable stuff to an inbound email. Have you noticed that email is a virus? I look at the message and I literally want to sing it 🙂 At the same time, the email is concise and informative. It answers frequently asked questions about using the service.

9. Comics

image3 Top 10 examples of welcome email for SaaS companies

Stripo thanks people for their choice. And lists the most important features of tariff plans. It’s good when new users see all the options and limitations right away: from the start, they’re aware of the extended benefits they will receive at an additional cost.

10. Gusto

g Top 10 examples of welcome email for SaaS companies

Last but not least, Guston’s welcome magazine did not focus on technical features or billing plans, but on the warm human factor. The purpose of email is to greet newcomers and get to know each other. The presentation of the group of companies inspires confidence and makes the brand closer to the customer. I like 🙂

Last words

In the SaaS area, welcome emails are something more than just building a positive brand. Their goal is to explain the value of the software or service to end users, teach them to use it as effectively as possible, and thus motivate people to choose your offer from a wide variety of competitors ’products.

First, a successful email must build trust and loyalty. They give you a similar result: income and income!


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