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Because of late Last year, TikTok has tested extending the maximum length of videos from 60 seconds to three minutes with selected users.

Next In several weeks, the social media app will begin to introduce this change globally. The platform hopes the app’s content producers will provide better storytelling and entertainment through longer videos.

“Gods are She is already familiar with weaving multi-part stores in TikTok, but we often hear from content producers that they would just like a little more time to bring out cooking demos, detailed beauty guides, lesson plans, and comic sketches. “Drew Kirchhoff, Product Manager at TikTok, said.

By TNW, when the app debuted for the first time, the videos were set to a maximum of 15 seconds, which was later extended to 60 seconds.

Now While three minutes are stretched, short videos like a vine are no longer the focus of the platform. The maximum length of the video is now with its competitors, Snapchat Spotlight and YouTube Shorts.

Although longer videos may not get the audience’s attention as well as shorter videos, it may be a relief to stop showing “likes and follow the third part” the next time you try to watch a cooking or makeup tutorial, although we’re not sure if we can keep TikTok dance moves through three full minutes.

Look in the example below from a three-minute TikTok video.


We are trying out TikTok’s new longer video format. Let us know what you think. #fyp #bulldogtiktok #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #tipsandtricks

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