Video screenshot via Recursia Studios (CC BY 4.0)

If you have had trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, a brand new optical illusion might be the visual metaphor you needed. Designed by Michael Karlovich, visual artist at Recursia Studios; and Pascal Wallisch, a researcher in psychology at New York University; ‘Tuikea Starburstthe visual trick will make you see rays of light that are not there.

Animated appears to radiate transient rays from the center, “similar to seeing the sun split through,” Wallisch describes blog post.

Although the “wreaths” the colors of the scaled star polygons are even, your brain somehow perceives the intersections more vivid than other parts of the graphics. “Because these‘ beacons ’of brightness are aligned in a linear fashion … we believe that the brain connects the dots accordingly, which is why most people see these stray rays,” Wallisch says.

Optical illusions psychedelic grip not only tricks one area of ​​the visual system, but it “also evokes several new discovered effects.” says NYU, which makes things even more threefold.

Another part the area of ​​the visual system — the area that processes information in the gaze — brings your observation back to the ground because it understands that the intersections are no brighter than the rest of the animation. But it triggers a new illusion; it makes the graphics “shine” or “twinkle,” creating fleeting rays.

Present illusion in another light, sorry pun, the team has re-imagined it with varied colors and apparent brightness. The study was published this week i-perception diary.

[via CNET, video and cover image via Recursia Studios (CC BY 4.0)]



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