Cultiva Wellness announced the launch of the new Wellness Pantry, the most technically advanced automatic dispenser on the market. Soon a hit near you, Wellness Pantry is not your typical chip and soda machine. The Wellness Pantry is a uniquely curated experience that remote control and operation, pristine charges and the use of blockchain technology to verify the age of customers are relied upon by the company to make hemp-based / CBD products available and accessible to the mainstream. market. Now it’s easier than ever to find and get your favorite hemp and CBD products.

Daniel Torres, the company’s founder and well-known cannabis lawyer, said[w]We started Cultiva Wellness in 2019, our mission was simple: you get the best hemp / CBD and wellness products readily available to as many people as possible with technology-driven solutions. For our part, we want to help people and grow the industry. With the launch of Wellness Pantry, we give entire communities access to quality products as a fun, interactive, safe and simple experience. Miami is our hometown; We wanted the first one here. However, there are plans to introduce Wellness Pantries nationwide. Now every community can increase well-being. “

The first Wellness pantry was installed last week in Doral, Florida, a suburb of Miami, in partnership with NFC Amenity Management, one of the best service companies in the United States. “We love working with developers, real estate and entertainment managers who want to innovate and give their residents and communities a world-class experience,” Torres said. The Cultiva team will also release a new version of the Cultiva App later this week (before the Forth weekend in July) that includes a new design shopping experience, among other updates.

Cultiva Wellness is a technology-driven company for the cannabis industry. The company has introduced several companies, including the Cultiva App and the Wellness Pantry concept. Cultiva has a strong footprint in hemp wholesale / distribution, retail, e-commerce and product placement in local stores and exclusive outlets. Its range of owned and third-party brands includes the recently introduced Caribbean Buds ™ hemp line, which gives consumers a globally unique Caribbean taste and experience.


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