• A mother told the BBC that her daughter was abused by teachers and students because she was named Alexa.
  • She said the bullying to have the same name as Amazon’s assistant caused them to change Alexa’s name.
  • She said “Amazon needs to change the default wake word on its devices.”
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Parents of a teenage girl called Alexa legally changed her name because she was being bullied into having the same name as the

Amazon assistant
, the BBC reported.

The girl’s mother, who has not been named, said her daughter was bullied in high school and was abused by teachers. They also changed her school to help her leave the name behind.

The girl was one of many Alexas whose parents told the BBC’s “The Jeremy Vine Show” how their children suffered as Amazon’s assistant became ubiquitous.

“She started not wanting to show up anymore because of the jokes and the backlash. She was and still is a kid, but adults thought it was okay to joke her. It’s devastating. school didn’t help and told her she needed to build resilience, ”she said.

Instead, they gave the girl a new name and moved to the school.

“She’s in a much better place now. We cut some friends and moved her to a new school to give her a fresh start. Injustice will never leave her, and neither will we. Amazon needs to change the word of wake-up call to default on its devices.

“There was clearly not enough ethical research into the use of Alexa.”

You can rread the full BBC story here, and listen to the radio show that features her here.


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