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Located in culture The Soho Center in New York City, an 800-square-foot monochrome store, draws its inspiration from design not only from its industrial setting but also from the trademark suitcases of its resident, the German luxury suitcase brand Rimowa.

Made in collaboration Design studio MUM and the design team Mass studio, the store’s elements get a sleek, industrial look with materials like polycarbonate and aluminum to match Rimowa’s suitcases.

In addition, the output includes customizable customizable elements that enable a completely unique in-store experience. One such piece is the primary display table, a 12.5-foot-long piece of Corian stone that can be split into two parts and turn the space into different needs, allowing the store’s bloodstream to flow with it.

Along the walls are horizontal movable shelves that adapt to ever-changing products. Standing backwards and looking at the wall, shelves and merchandise as a whole, the sight is reminiscent of the brand’s archetypal vertically grooved aluminum suitcases that sit right on the shelves in front of you.

When the journey begins Open back, Rimowa anticipates that many will have to renew their passports by investing Rimowa Passport Studio at the center of space. Described as an “elevated environment passport to renew your photo” and a “welcome change to a regular passport photo at a drug or grocery store,” the booth includes more comfortable seating and better lighting so users can capture a new passport photo.

Rimowa Marketing Director, Emelie De Vities, says Tourism + leisure, “Our teams come up with a reworked passport photo experience that is first class and more convenient than what is currently offered, which is often seen as a painful journey.”

[via World Architecture, image via Mass Studio]



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