Reporting on product updates, upcoming stores, or upcoming situations, promoting the latest model, and other UVdesk customer-defined notice is a great way to handle taking your business to the next level.

Introduction- Notes about the customer

Notes from the customer may contain common information about the Customer that appears on all tickets of the Customer to all agents.

Notes about the UVdesk App about the customer can help you provide smart help to the customer. It’s anything but an amazing technique to keep customer information instead of asking the customer for the same information on each ticket.

Note – To use this module first, you must install it UVdesk Open Source Helpdesk.


  • The agent can see all customer notes by tapping an individual catch (Note to customer).
  • The flag that takes care of the agent can add attachments.
  • Assuming there are numerous tickets for similar customers, similar notes appear on each ticket.
  • Customer comments are only visible to the ticket agent.

Installation of a custom order pickup module

Phase 1: Make a list called your company’s uvdesk within your company’s application organizer.

Step 2: The customer receives a ZIP folder after purchase. Then unzip the corresponding extension zip file and rename the extracted folder to a new oneCustomer Releases ” after the merger Customer releases folder to the project root directory apps / uvdesk.

Step 3: Next, run the commands below to complete the installation in the Project root directory.

Now clear the project cache

Once the packages have been successfully configured, they are ready to use Notes from the customer to the UVdesk.

Administrator configuration: UVdesk notes about the client

Now in the ticket system, Notes-on-customer appears as shown below:

Agents can view, add comments about the customer from this tab below.

The text editor is as shown below, i.e. in bold, italics, adding an attachment, linking. The agent can use the same as in his own convenience.

That’s all Noc Order Fetch Module of UVdesk Open Source If you still have problems, raise your ticket with us flag panel.


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