When we look at the liberal arts, we tend to look at areas such as media, design, theater, creative arts, screen, and so on.

We all know what the social sciences and humanities are because they are your usual slogans today, a compromise between anthropology, political science, philosophy, psychology, and even political economy, while economics has merged with that and mathematical modeling.

This can be explored from the day a person dropped his foot on the ground than when we see our environment and visualize how we interact and survive within them.

We then begin to optimize these potential outcomes for us as we begin to look for shortcuts to life more efficiently, and thus technology interacts with the humanities as we look at trends in specific models and pass on deductions on how to manage and use them for our needs.

Big Data jobs

We decide what types of tools and materials we need to build the framework, and shorten it over a period of time as we find easier ways to do it using other resources.

We explored new powerful methods along the way, and this is how the technology came about when we tried to find shortcuts to perform our daily tasks that require so much work because it reduces all the effort required. And these efforts have arisen from our social interactions, the differentiation of psychology, and our graphical view of how reality is different, all of which are part of the liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Let’s say you have a department of 10,000 employees with different mindsets and different behaviors for their work, and you need to direct it somehow according to your needs in order to achieve maximum output for your company.

There, you need to recruit a major in the arts that not only understands their patterns of behavior, but can also analyze how their pay levels affect it and how the work environment makes them function in a certain way and further model their behavior within the framework. how to manage it with interactive methods like group lessons, social experiments.

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This means using new tools and techniques and how each method provides its own desired outcome and which option a company should choose based on its goals and dominant philosophy.

The HR department can also do a few of these tasks, but they lack advanced research capabilities and knowledge of how different careers require interdisciplinary learning, with liberal arts majors highlighting a treasure trove of many opportunities for all companies.

The best example of organizations that have taken advantage of commercial activities in such industries is Apple Inc. because their advanced technical features are far inferior to Android smartphones made by Samsung and other similar companies, but because they target the market ecosystem and organizational strategy so accurately and cunningly and implemented continue to use its marketing strategy.

Apple successfully achieved a much larger share of smartphone market share than Samsung and others because they had liberal art museums with huge knowledge of consumer behavior compared to other companies that only invest in graduates in technology and computer science.


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