Do you get the error message “Nvidia requires a supported game to use this feature”?

An error message may occur when you play the game such as Valorant or CS: GO.

In Valorant, the problem is removing flash games.

It also prevents you from opening photo mode and the game filter.

Every time you open photo mode or game filter, you receive an error message.

In most cases, the error message is caused by a fault / malfunction that can be corrected.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix Nvidia’s “a supported game is needed to use this feature”.

How to fix “Supported game required to use this feature” in Nvidia

To fix Nvidia’s “Supported Game Requires Using This Feature” issue, either try reinstalling your driver or enable experimental features.

Alternatively, you can try to download the old driver from the Nvidia website.

Reinstall the driver is the first method worth trying.

This is because it is the most common way to fix the “A supported game is required to use this feature.”

If the error still occurs within the game, you can try introduction of experimental features.

To do this, go to your settings in GeForce Experience.

Then select the Enable experimental features check box. A GeForce update may be required. ”

Finally, if all else fails, you can try to load the old driver.

You can do this by visiting the “GeForce Drivers” page on the Nvidia website.

Here are 3 ways to fix Nvidia’s “Supported Game Needed to Use This Feature”:

  1. Method # 1: Reinstall the driver
  2. Method # 2: Enable experimental features
  3. Method # 3: Load the old driver

Method # 1: Reinstall the driver

The first way is to reinstall the driver.

Reinstalling the driver will fix most errors / malfunctions.

In the first place search “GeForce Experience” on your computer.

Then you will see the GeForce Experience app.

Click GeForce Experience to open it.

How to fix

If you are opening the application for the first time, you may need to do so log in to your Nvidia account.

If you already have an Nvidia account, you can log in with your current email address and password.

Otherwise, you can log in to Nvidia using Facebook, Google or Apple.

Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the home page of the app.

In the first place click “Drivers” to go to the driver page.

When you are on the driver page, you will see the currently installed driver.

Click on the three dots next to the driver.

This will open the “Reinstall Driver” option.

Click “Reinstall Driver” to reinstall the driver.

Now open the game and see if the error message has been fixed.

Method # 2: Enable experimental features

Experimental features of Nvidia

If you’ve reinstalled the driver, but still get “This feature requires a supported game,” you can try enabling the experimental features.

Experimental features give you access to Nvidia’s early features.

In some cases, enabling this option will correct certain errors / interference.

In the first place open the GeForce Experience application on your computer.

Then log in to your Nvidia account if you have not already done so.

When you’re in the GeForce Experience app, Click the settings icon next to your profile picture.

After clicking the settings icon, you will be taken to the general settings page.

The General Settings page displays Enable Experimental Features. GeForce upgrade may be required ”option.

Click the check box to introduce experimental features.

Now open the game and check if the bug has been fixed.

Method # 3: Load the old driver

Nvidia driver search

The last way to fix the error is to download the old driver.

In some cases, the new driver may cause faults / malfunctions.

Therefore, downloading the old driver version can help fix the error.

In the first place visit the “GeForce Drivers” page On Nvidia’s website here:

Once on the page, you need to get the GPU.

To find the video card, search for “Nvidia Control Panel” on your computer and open it.

Second, select product type, product range and product video card.

For example, if you have an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU, select “GeForce” as the product type, “GeForce RTX 20 Series” as the product series, and “GeForce RTX 2070” as the product type.

Third, choose your own operating system, language, and download type.

Once you’ve selected the required fields, click “Start Search.”

Nvidia download driver

After clicking Start Search, you will be taken to the Driver Results page.

The Driver Results page lists the old driver versions.

Scroll down to the old driver version and click “Download” download it.

Next, click “Download Now,” “Ok,” “Accept and Continue,” and “Next.”

Once you have downloaded the old driver version, it will replace your current driver version.

Finally, open the game and check if the “Supported game needed to use this feature” error has been fixed.


In most cases, reinstalling the drivers will correct the error.

So make sure you try this first before trying another method.

But if the “Supported game is required to use this feature” error is still not fixed, it may be caused by the game and not your driver.

If so, you will have to wait for the game developers to fix the problem.

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