Google’s John Mueller said as far as he knows page experience update there is no exception list or whitelist. That is, there is no list of sites where Google says not to apply the Page Experience Update. John wrote Twitter “as far as I know, there is no list of exceptions” when asked about updating the page experience.

This came up when someone asked about some of the big brand sites that had bad important online scores and have things that aren’t in line with the page experience update, such as annoying interstitials. Here are these Tweets:

Here is what John Mueller said there is no list of exceptions:

Now, just for the sake of clarity, we know that this is a light factor, a road breaker. If you search for ESPN and the site sucks, Google will still show ESPN.

John also explained this:

Now Google has talked about previously allowed lists and exception lists. Google said for the first time in 2011 there are usually no allowed lists for algorithms In a Google search, but then Google later admitted with lists of exceptions. One example is SafeSearch, where Google can tell if a site reported by an adult filter is adult or non-adult, so it should be listed. Google also said there are not allowed lists of Panda or Penguin and you assume the same goes for core updates.

So you have it, no exceptions or whitelists for page experience updating.

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