Yesterday, July 2021, Google launched a core update immediately after the spam update. Google performed the second part of the spam update on June 28, the first part on June 23. Although these spam updates only ran on those days, we noticed that two days after the spam update, there were ranking variations in Google search on June 30th. Google said they have now used the mother for the first time in a search, it was used to identify 800 different ways people search for vaccine names. Google’s John Mueller said there are no exception lists in the page experience update. A possible sign that you’re having quality issues with your site is if you see a lot of indexed – currently uncrawled ads in the Search Console. Google recommends that you use both accent and accent variations in your content. Google published a good paper on HTTP status codes, network errors, and DNS errors, and how they all affect Google search. Google significantly expanded its redirect help document, including a fun encryption redirect. Newzdash says the carousel of Google’s most popular stories shows more than 12% of other AMP URLs. 77% of search engine optimizers said they are learning search engine optimization. Bing’s Search Tools display both color and monochrome overlays with the mouse. Bing also displays a language bar in the search bar. The Google Ads ID will delete broad-matched keywords at the end of July. Google Ads tightened its financial advertising policy in the UK. Google AdSense Link Units are now fully retired. The Google Merchant Portal no longer requires you to display payment methods outside the shopping cart page. And such sad news, Russ Jones died last week at the age of 39, leaving behind a wife and three daughters – he was a gem in the industry. And if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to It was search news this week Search engine roundtable.

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