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Google app finally moves settings to where you’d expect them to be


Google has been redesigning its Android apps for some time now. Specifically, he moved the individual app settings to the account picker in the upper right corner of most of his apps. The Google search app is among the latest outliers with its parameters living in a After lower tab in the lower right corner. But now a Reddit post suggests that this layout might not be around for long.

Like the screenshots in the post, the new design removes the After tab completely, moving its content to the account switcher and app settings. Having all of these options in one place makes a lot more sense, as the distinction between account settings and Google app settings is getting harder and harder to make. While the Account Chooser can be a weird place to put reminders, search history, and recently viewed websites, it’s still more intuitive than the nondescript. After tab at this point. Google has also updated the font in the app and uses Product Sans in the search bar and account picker.

Above: New. Below: Current.

So far, we haven’t been able to spot the redesign on our own devices, so it’s likely a limited server-side a / b test for now. But given that Google has long introduced these navigation patterns to its other apps, we’re almost ready to guarantee that this overhaul or some variation of it will hit more devices sooner or later.

You can download the latest version of the Google app from the Play Store or via Mirror APK, but note that installing it won’t guarantee you’ll see the redesign right away.



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