The ancient kabaddi has made a solid comeback in a whole new avatar in recent years. Kabdd’s new comeback version has brought with it the development of new technology and has added a lot of atmosphere and glamor by sticking to its rustic origins.

Dream-11, like the fantasabadabaddi app, is a platform where kabaddi friends can create their own team, play alongside the team, and view live kabaddi match stats. Here you become the leader of the best kabaddi player who fights with each other with fantasyabaddi software like Dream-11. Kabaddi software technology even allows players to create their own private leagues with their friends, join public leagues, view and analyze live scores.

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Become part of this very popular traditional kabaddi game that finds new life in the form of the latest software in kabaddi space. In this blog post, we’ll give you a lot of information about fantasy kabaddi software development.

Market value of Fantasy Kabaddi software

As in the published report Statistics Research Department, of the hundreds of fantasy sports games on the market, Kabaddi has spotted a third palace after cricket and football, with 6% of the world market. The Fantasy Kabaddi business is expected to grow by INR 118.8 billion from INR 43.8 billion by the end of 2023, with a CAGR of 22.1%.

Kabaddi has walked too far since he was unrecognizable for almost two decades. The Pro Kabaddi League is one of the most significant factors in Kabaddin’s significant success. This has been inspired by the Indian Premier League, which has been celebrated for well over a decade. The Pro Kabaddi League has attracted the attention of millions of people and its success is rising higher and higher every day.

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The popularity of the Pro Kabaddi League and other kabaddi events has attracted a lot of sponsors who have spent a lot of money creating the turmoil in kabaddi. Fantasia Kabaddi software vendors also recognize that the value of Kabaddi can help them increase their brand reputation and market value.

Kabaddi in India has invested in the hearts of millions of people as it allows them to test their skills and predictions to get huge rewards. Therefore, the future of kabaddi pro software is bright, especially in countries like India.

What are the key features of Fantasy Kabaddi?

Here we have compiled a list of all the features that will help you stand out from your fantasy sports app in the market. The Fantasabadabaddi sports application is made of two panels; User panel and control panel. We have classified the properties below according to this fact.

User panel features

Participant / User Registration

This feature is intended to make it easier for users to register for your fantasyabaddi sports app. While returning users can benefit from this feature, sign in to your app.

Home page

This is the main page that users arrived after registering to log in to the app. From this page, users can search for a specific race, race category, tournament name, and so on.

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Joining the competition

Participants can join different competitions according to their preferences, team players, size and amount of winnings. Users should be free to join the competition according to their wallet.

Payment method

Entrants may deposit the competition fee using a different payment methods, such as debit card / credit card, digital wallet, online banking and so on.

Create your own competition

With a few clicks, entrants can create their own contest by entering a few details, such as the name of the contest, the amount of the win, the size of the contest, and the entry fee.

My own competition

Below this page, the user can see a list of all competitions that have joined or created. In addition to this, users can also select or edit their team list.


On this page, users can view, edit or delete their profile information. In addition, users can obtain other information, such as the total amount of profit, account information and other relevant information. Users can also manage events, raise winnings, invite friends to earn rewards, and sign out.

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Control panel features

Administrator login

The administrator must enter the login information, ie the user name and password, to log in to the control panel.


This section shows detailed statistics about current matches, upcoming matches, total number of participants, total revenue, and so on.

User management

The administrator can effectively manage information related to the user’s account, such as adding / editing / viewing / deleting / active and disabling the account.

Manage matches

The administrator can also view / add / activate or deactivate matches.

Sports class

The administrator can manage all sports from different categories.

Competition Manager

This feature allows the administrator to edit, view, activate, or deactivate the entire contest.

Manage your payment cancellation request

The administrator can see all withdrawal requests made in the application. The administrator can either accept or reject the cancellation request.

Manage multiple reports

The administrator can view or create reports related to the competition, earnings statistics, player ranking statistics, team statistics.

CMS pages

The administrator manages all kinds of CMS pages, like us, contact us and so on. An administrator can view, delete, or edit content.

Reward points management

An administrator can offer users exciting rewards.

What else can you add to Fantasy Kabaddi software like Dream-11?

1. Custom fantasy scoring system

In developing the Kabaddi League application for mobile phones you can include a custom fantasy sports scoring system to get your league score in the right shape.

When it comes to a fantasy scoring system, there are usually three types of scoring systems that are widely used. The first is the regular scoring, the second is the points per reception system and the third is the personal defense system.

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2. Fantasy Analytics Software

Using accurate fantasy analysis software goes a long way in providing in-depth modes and real-time information about the team and players. This feature allows you to keep track of all your information in the most organized format.

3. Advanced data integration solution

No matter where you get information for your fantasy sports app. With an adequate data integration solution, you can receive data from any source quickly and securely.

4. Fantasy Sports AR solution

To provide a smooth and enhanced user experience for gamers, the best thing you can do is to adopt highly advanced AR / VR technologies. These techniques will help you provide a more realistic and engaging experience for players.

5. Ecommerce integration

This is the best way to increase the revenue of your fantasy sports kabaddi software. In addition to Kabaddi betting, you can integrate a platform from which players can purchase all sports. So integrating e-commerce into your Kabaddi League software is not only a smart decision, but also profitable.

How does Fantasy Kabaddi software development work?

Fantasy kabaddi software development begins with understanding customer requirements and conducting a comprehensive competitor analysis. These two things help fantasia kabaddi application development company build a successful fantasy kabaddi app.

Here are some of the most common things related to fantasiakabaddi software development.

1. Proper design

This is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to when building season-long / daily fantasiakabaddi software. So you need to be clear about your budget, your target audience, your development team, and your list of important features.

2. Research and analysis

This is another important thing you can do to make a successful fantasiakabaddi software. At this point, you need to do a competitor analysis to determine an important feature for your application and what strategies you can use to gain a competitive advantage.

3. Determining the rules and format of the game

Hire a fantasyabaddi application developer like BR Softech who can help you choose simple but powerful and attractive game rules and format according to your requirements.

4. Design and development process

This is one of the crucial steps in fantasy-kabaddi software development, so this requires the most attention. Your fantasy sports software or mobile app needs to be well-built to improve user engagement.

5. Commissioning

This is the final stage where the software or application is available to launch on the market.

Costs of Fantasy Kabaddi software development

The cost of fantasiakabaddi software development depends on several factors such as the development platform, the required features and the range of fantasiakabaddi software vendors.

The cost of developing fantasy sports software with the above features will cost you around $ 25,000 to $ 45,000. Keep in mind that development costs can go up and down depending on the features.

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Build versatile Fantasy Kabaddi software with BR Softech

With the team of BR Softech, a highly experienced and skilled fantasy software development company, you can successfully join the world of fantasy sports within your budget and deployment time. So what’s stopping you? Take a big step and schedule your meeting with our sales team today!


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