Before you can to Build a Beautifully Designed Website |, you have to start over. You need to create an outline of what you want your site to look like in order to figure out the giveaways and make sure you deliver the best website for your business.

But how do you build a website draft? Of course, creating a wire frame!

If you’re not sure about wire frames, we have a guide to help you! Keep reading to get answers to your questions, such as:

  • What is a wire frame?
  • What kind of wire frames are there?
  • Why should I use wire frames?

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What is a wire frame?

A thread frame is a simple black and white outline that determines the specific placement of elements on your page. Your thread frame focuses on page and site elements, user flow, and page structure. Web designers usually use wire frames to help customers see the basic features of the look and feel of their site.

3 different wire frames

Now that we replied, “What is a wire frame?” next we need to look at different types of wire frames. There are three types of wire frames:

1. Low quality wire frames

The first type of iron wire is low accuracy. These wire frames are the most unusual for your site – companies usually only use them as a starting point for taking notes on website ideas.

When you create a low-quality wire frame, you focus on getting ideas regardless of scale or pixel accuracy. These outlines include simplified versions of images, shapes, and other content on your site.

This draft does not take into account which elements may interfere or which factors affect the user experience. Instead, they focus on getting your ideas down and organizing them into an implementable site structure.

2. Medium wire frames

The next type of wire frame option is medium precision. This wire frame is most often used. Although this option does not use images or typography, it does include more detailed components of your site layout.

an example of a mid-range wired frame

For example, you have placeholders where you plan to put pictures or text. You don’t have an actual image or text, but you do have an overall look of what your site looks like so you can make changes.

Like other wire frames, medium-heavy wire frames use black and white, but it also has a shade of gray to help separate the elements and signify the weighting of the elements. This thread frame also uses different font weights to distinguish headings and create clear differences.

This wire frame structure focuses on showing how the elements work together on the page. This option allows web designers to better understand site usability without disturbing the actual images and text of the site.

3. High precision wire frames

When developing a wire frame, some companies may choose to use a high quality wire frame. This option draws the outline better on a scale – the elements are scaled to specific pixel sizes. The high-precision wire frame also uses actual images and text on the site instead of placeholders.

an example of a high quality wire frame

Most companies will use this wire frame if they are later in the site development phase. This wire frame is ideal for complex site processes such as interactive elements or menu flow.

Why should I use wire frames?

Once you’ve learned about the different wire frames, you may be wondering why you should use them Design your site. What are the benefits of using wire frames?

Here are six reasons why wire frame development is critical for web design:

1. Wire frames give you a clear outline on your side

When designing your site, you want to get a clear picture of your look so you can adjust and optimize your design for the best experience. However, it is a difficult task if you are trying to eradicate all parts of your site.

With wire frame development, especially with a medium-heavy wire frame, you can simplify site layout and you get a clear picture of your site. You don’t have to worry about distractions, and you can remove your site from the basics to help you get a clearer picture.

When you have a clearer view of the progress of your site, you can better understand how your audience interacts with your website to see if you offer the best experience.

2. Wire frames help you see your site from a visitor’s perspective

Wireframe UX design is critical so you can see your site through the eyes of your audience. Not only can you understand the flow of your site, but you can get a better idea of ​​how people interact with your site.

The wire frame structure allows you to analyze components such as:

With this raw, stripped-down version of your site settings, you can understand how your audience interacts with different parts of your site. It allows you to see if the core of your site is easy to use for your audience or if there is hiccups that are preventing them from performing certain actions.

3. Wire frames allow you to identify imperfections

As mentioned, wireframe design allows you to see your site as seen by your audience and better understand how people interact with your content. In addition to this, you can also identify shortcomings more effectively.

Whether you’re analyzing your site’s flow or conversion path, you can focus on each step to identify where users might be confused or where they might miss steps.

You may find that the navigation is organized or confusing when looking at the wire frame structure, or the result path is missing a step. The wire frame allows you to identify these problems early before they later become bigger and more expensive problems.

It brings us to the next benefit.

4. Wire frames save money

Wireframe UX design can help you save money. If you design your site without a wire frame, it can end up costing you a lot of time in the future.

Wire frame development allows you to create a draft of your site before you turn it on. That means you have time to adjust your site and adapt before doing so. You can identify problems and get ahead of them before you put money into building a site.

Here is a scenario that can happen to you if you do not use a wire frame:

You want to build a website for your business and decide to research some small business website builders. In your research, you come across Squarespace and think it’s a good fit for your business. You can refuse to develop a wire frame and start building a site.

By this point, you’ve already paid your monthly fee when you want to use Squarespace and put money into the stylish theme of your site.

You launch your site and it works.

After a year, you will find that your business will grow and you will add your products to your customers as a result. With so many new product offerings, you realize that you need to create more in-depth and organized navigation to help customers find your product.

Except, Squarespace doesn’t offer the ability to build an in-depth navigation bar.

You didn’t plan this growth, and now you’ll find that your site builder isn’t capable of it.

Now you need to build a whole new site elsewhere, which will cost your business more money and time.

But if you had used a wire frame and planned to scale your site (we will dive into this later later), you might have found that Squarespace isn’t the best fit for your business.

Wire frames also prevent you from making costly mistakes after your site is published. Instead of looking for hiccups in your conversion process and having to hire an outside company to fix the problem, you can identify the problem before you start and avoid the extra cost.

5. Wire frames save time

Iron frame development is also valuable to your business because it saves time. Your wire frame will help you create a designed design, making it easier to implement when you’re ready to build your site.

Think of it as writing a research paper. You wouldn’t just start writing and figuring out where to place quotes and how to build your writing by the time you go. It would make you waste time rearranging and rewriting to figure out how to make your paper make sense.

Instead, a sketch is created before writing to figure out the course of the paper and where the quotation marks are included. This draft will help you write more efficiently because you know what to write next.

There is no difference in the wire frame.

The wire frame is the outline that will help you create your website design. Instead of wasting time changing elements and changing different parts of the site structure until it works, you can design a plan that saves you from making trials and mistakes with your design.

6. Wire frames will help you plan for the future

The last reason to make frame frames is that it will help you plan for the future. When you first design your website, you are building a website that fits the current needs of your business. But as you continue to grow online, your site needs to grow with you.

Wire frames can help you identify if your site is scalable for the future. Your wire frame allows you to see how well your site handles growth as you add pages and content. If your wire frame is not well dimensioned, you can make changes to scalable before starting construction.

A typical example of scaling is to add products to navigation.

As companies grow, they seek to add more products to their site, which means adjusting navigation. With a wire frame, you can make sure you’re planning navigation that scales with your business and doesn’t interfere with the entire site or its flow.

Wire frames are important in planning for the future, so you can make sure your site adapts as your business changes.

Need help developing a wire frame?

Wire frames are critical in helping you develop your site that is user-friendly to your audience. If you feel confused or confused about creating a thread, WebFX is here to help.

Our Award-winning design team can take your site from a wired frame to development. With over 25 years of experience, we know how to handle UX-focused models which provide the best experience.

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