Every year, the Union Public Service Commission or UPSC organizes an official test, which is one of the three best in the world.

The number of young people in India who appear to UPSC in search of a brilliant future is counted in the lakes, where only about thousands are able to establish their name in this field.

While the level of competition in this category is relatively significant, it should not take long to build strong myths about the entire research process.

These misconceptions have a negative impact on the UPSC curriculum in the mind of the applicant student. In addition, applicants with a cracking UPSC are worried, and some of them even worry about their dreams.

However, breaking the UPSC under the burden of certain artificial and false opinions and completing a huge
UPSC exam program gets too much deal for a beginner.

Therefore, correcting the myths is absolutely essential for the well-being of aspiring people. Let’s look at common misconceptions
UPSC exam and find out with them within minutes.

You cannot break a UPSC without logging in to a proper training center.

The myth is completely inaccurate because you don’t have to run for a coaching class if it’s not required. Today, the technologies are highly advanced.

You can collect anything from the internet IAS exam program.

All you have to do is stick to all the notes, current affairs, and all the materials you need because they can really help you achieve a high score on the UPSC exam.

All you need is to be dedicated, self-reliant and confident to achieve better results in such a study.

You need to study for about 14 hours a day to achieve a good ranking.

You can consider this line to be a complete myth, as it is not mentioned anywhere that applicants should commit to almost 14 hours a day just to get the exam successfully.

Several candidates could not break the exam even after hours of studying.

If you start making yourself wholeheartedly by following
UPSC anticipates the curriculum
, so you can even achieve success by studying for at least 2-3 hours a day. But make sure you are eager to dedicate yourself to covering the IAS curriculum during these 2-3 hours. Always remember that at the end of the day, your commitment and knowledge matter.

Applicants must remember each part of the curriculum thoroughly.

It’s not right! While knowing the broad IAS Prelims plan is essential, remembering everything in detail can be challenging. In addition, reading each section in its entirety is time consuming and unnecessary.

You should have detailed information about the chapters that can be done by scanning the headings and subheadings. The primary task should be to create a list of vital parts and remember the content of rather unnecessary chapters.

Adequate writing skills are a must to break UPSC

If you look at the UPSC online course, you will find that the entire curriculum is based on subjective papers. All candidates must write several long answers or articles according to the rules of the exam.

If you don’t have enough information to take this into account, there’s nothing to fear. You just need enough practice to be able to write, because practice makes everything perfect. Start writing articles from today, keeping time limits and being an excellent writer.

You must choose a group study exam ace.

This myth is indeed false! Numerous students earn significant points over the years by studying separately. There is nothing more than proper dedication and commitment.

If you think you are preparing yourself, follow all the instructions and notes online and get the best results in your upcoming UPSC survey.

The UPSC cannot be emptied without English.

This myth is so strange that it has become practically a concern for thousands who are dissatisfied with this language. According to the applicant’s preference, according to the public administration study plan, the interview will be conducted in 22 different languages.

The most important thing is skill and awareness of certain topics. So don’t worry and start preparing in any language you’re comfortable with.

It is impossible to break the UPSC exam if you already have a job.

No! This is certainly wrong. Today, several candidates pass a huge score, even if they are busy in a full-time job.

You can also succeed in an exam like UPSC, even if you are an employee of the company or under the board, if you are able to prepare adequately for the time available.

Your determination and willpower will enable you to fulfill your goal and achieve achievement in the future.

The UPSC exam is the most challenging exam in the world

There is nothing complicated in this world until you start believing them hard. Everything is possible for people if they dedicate themselves and work hard on the right path.

Breaking an exam like UPSC is not a big deal for you if you start preparing yourself and follow all the online or offline instructions properly. So, stop believing all the myths about IAS research; start believing in yourself first.


I hope you have all gathered an idea of ​​how myths and exaggeration of certain beliefs can be detrimental both in practice and mentally to the student. With Elite IAS, you get professional guidance for experienced faculty members.

Also, if you want to get your hands on the UPSC curriculum pdf file, don’t flash to either.

Providing professional support to each candidate and helping them achieve their dream mission by overcoming myths is our ultimate responsibility.

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