Picture through Israeli Defense Forces

Helps with local efforts To find victims trapped in the ruins of a Florida condominium that collapsed on Thursday, June 24, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has created a series of 3D charts of the South Champlain Towers to visualize certain apartments.

Original number 35 people were rescued on the first day. With 80 of the 80 apartments in operation at the time of the collapse, officials and rescuers – including 15 members of the Florida IDF delegation – continue to hope that the number of survivors will increase with continued rescue efforts.

“It doesn’t matter what chances are, we are constantly hoping and assuming nothing. We are here to find as many people as possible, “said Captain Uri Jospe, Deputy Civilian Commander. New York Post.

IDF Unit 9900, the images created by them usually collect visual intelligence as well as geographic information via airplane and satellite. According to rescuers on site, the unit has been very careful in creating these 3D models, as evidenced by objects found so far and information from families.

You can view more images shared exclusively New York Post, here.

[via New York Post, images via Israel Defense Forces]



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