The future of marketing is here, and not just robots writing content for you. It is artificial intelligence or ai. You might think this isn’t possible because robots can’t do things like emotional resonance and creativity, but ai has been around for a while. I’m talking about … chatbots– computer programs designed to simulate conversation with people via text or telephone interfaces to solve problems, answer questions or fulfill customer requests through various digital channels, such as social media platforms. This article explores how Chatbots and Ai are the future of marketing and why they are important to your business.

How it all started…

The history of artificial intelligence dates back to ancient times, when the Greek philosopher Aristotle was claimed to have created the first known literary dialogue for artificial intelligence. Then in 1950, Alan Turing published a paper on machines and intelligence. He proposed the so-called Turing test – a way to measure how smart a computer is by communicating with it through a text-based channel.

In 1991, IBM’s Deep Blue became the first computer chess game system to win a reigning world champion (Garry Kasparov). Since then, several other world champions have lost against computers, such as Watson, built by IBM. In addition, the appearance of artificial intelligence applications has changed our lives in ways that are hard to imagine; self-propelled cars and humanoid robots are just two examples of artificial intelligence.

Looking at the past, we find that artificial intelligence helps us solve complex problems by sharing our knowledge with an ai application. In general, these applications can do more than just one thing. A good example is myJarvis (Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant), which combines chatbot technology and Google Assistant, and becomes a powerful virtual partner for anyone who needs help organizing work and life. With MyJarvis, you can request information on everything from calories to currency conversions, send messages or emails, create reminders, set alerts, and use skills like language translation and local weather updates. It’s also great for businesses because it shortens the time it took to open multiple apps to answer questions.

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Over the past few years, we have seen a significant shift in the way companies interact with customers. Automation tools, such as chat robots, are becoming increasingly popular as they make our lives easier, provide solutions to problems that seem unresolved, and free up human resources so business owners can focus on more important tasks than answering simple questions. Too much reliance on automation can lead to feelings of anxiety or rejection when bots fail, but it’s better to get this right before your competitors do! Some naysayers claim chatbots are not smart enough to replace people. Fortunately, new technologies such as machine learning can work hand in hand with artificial intelligence to provide users with the perfect balance between automated systems and human interaction.

Chatbots are useful in many ways, and you can create one with software like ManyChat. ManyChat is a tool that makes designing a chatbot easy for your business. Currently, ManyChat allows you to build chat robots for Facebook Messenger and Instagram Private Messages (both for corporate pages), and even integrates with many other platforms.

Remember, with chatbots, they are only as good as the people who build them. But luckily, tools like ManyChat help make it easier to create chat robots, and with ai you can even make them smarter. Automated chatbots are a welcome addition to any business, and they come in handy by helping us filter out unnecessary information and giving us an immediate response.

There are a lot of people who think chatbots are here to stay, but others say this is just one craze. The truth is probably in some central discussion robots that don’t go anywhere, especially if you’re considering how many daily questions can be easily solved with an ai app.

Artificial intelligence has been in use for decades, but recently its use has exploded as companies see its obvious benefits. Artificial intelligence helps companies perform faster and be smarter with customer data without wasting valuable human resources. Facebook’s Chatbots index said more than 90% of users feel the robots are “really committed,” and this technology will only be smarter and more useful in the future. Businesses need to be patient.

AI will no doubt change the business world over the years, but let’s explore how it can work for you: Automating with ManyChat saves businesses 50% of the time in their customer service department to focus on building relationships with their customers. Creating chat robots with ManyChat does not require experience or complex programming languages; they have already helped thousands of people succeed with this technology. Automating your business gives you a clear advantage and allows you to serve more customers than ever before, while getting an important task out of the way so you can focus on other things.

You can start using ManyChat to build man-made (not ai) built chat pots for free and even take my free ManyChat Foundations course at

Try ManyChat for yourself

And if you want to make your ManyChat chat bot even more innovative, you can do so by integrating tools like Watson Assistant and DialogFlow.

Automation will not only stay here, but it will grow even more in the future as artificial intelligence becomes smarter. Companies of all sizes around the world have already used ManyChat, and now they are focusing their efforts on creating chat automation for Instagram! This opens up many new opportunities for small businesses that want to reach a larger audience without spending a fortune on marketing campaigns. In addition, automated solutions are great for performing repetitive tasks or answering simple questions like “how much does a shipment cost?”

Finally, ai will change the way companies do better. It helps companies become smarter, be faster, and develop stronger relationships with their customers. The creation of chatbots will soon become a nature for companies worldwide, as it makes sense to leverage technology more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Automation is always essential to our rapidly evolving society. Fortunately, however, there are ways in which we can improve technology to improve all things without taking away or replacing human jobs altogether. Are you ready for a bright future? Let’s build chat bots with ManyChat so we can all lighten our workload and start making money!


A brief history of artificial intelligence.

Fun point: 90% of this blog post is written by ai! Can you believe that. I used a tool called save tons of time by using the power of Jarvis and machine learning to write this article. Sure I had to adjust it a bit, but what a huge time saver. If you want to try for yourself, give it a whirl for 7 days for free and if you sign up, you will get 10,000 credits for me!


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