This update fixes media issues in macOS 10.11, includes performance improvements to a stable feature set, and updates the calendar, mail, and input set.

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The following improvements have been made since another 4.0 stable, small update:

  • [Address bar] AutoComplete Selection Wrong on Copy (VB-80764)
  • [Blocker] Browser slowdown at (VB-80803)
  • [Calendar] Annual recurring dates not displayed (VB-80705)
  • [Calendar] Connecting to Zoho Calendar via CalDav gives a parser error (VB-80944)
  • [Calendar] Google Tasks not completed when new account is added (VB-80871)
  • [Calendar] Import Web Calendar Console Errors: Cannot Create Alerts, Event Not Found (VB-80283)
  • [Calendar] Show feedback when updating CalDAV calendars (VB-80148)
  • [Calendar] The task was copied during creation (VB-80946)
  • [Calendar] Use Full Dialog in Response to New Event Button (VB-80755)
  • [Downloads][Panel] Poor panel performance: partial improvement (VB-68202)
  • [Mail] Certain emails are not displayed with a dark theme (VB-64824)
  • [Mail] Deleting Email Very, Very Slowly from Large Folders (VB-70793)
  • [Mail] Gmail accounts that do not end in do not go through the OAuth authorization process (VB-77859)
  • [Mail] Import from M2 fails if M2 has an RSS account (VB-80936)
  • [Mail] messages (NOMODSEQ) are not downloaded via IMAP (VB-80253)
  • [Mail] When e-mail fails to be sent, the user is not notified and one failed e-mail can prevent everyone else from sending (VB-80738)
  • [Profiles] The profile name is written as HTML code instead of text Exit [profile name]”Menu (VB-80807)
  • [Themes][Extensions] Number of unreadable unreadable (VB-80179)
  • [macOS] My media does not play on macOS 10.11 (VB-80757)

The author of the main picture Erica Steeves


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