Pinterest has received a brand security certificate from Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an organization that seeks to increase trust and transparency in digital advertising by fighting criminal activity online. This is a great achievement for Pinterest as well as a positive sign for brands advertising on the platform or those who see it as part of their marketing strategy in the near future.

Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG rumblings:

“Having achieved TAG Brand Safety certification, Pinterest has demonstrated its commitment to protecting its partners and users by adopting industry best practices against inappropriate ad placement and other brand security threats.”

Earn “TAG brand safety certified ” Status spanning APAC, Europe, Latin America and North America, Pinterest must meet strict requirements:

  1. All their digital advertising contracts must comply with TAG’s product safety principles.

  2. 100% commercializable platform events are checked through “inclusion and exclusion lists” as defined in their digital advertising contracts.

  3. Clear documentation of policies and procedures to minimize the risk of ad placement. This may include any of the personnel, tools and technologies used to review and tag content, processes and procedures used identifying inclusion and exclusion lists to ensure content is brand safe.

  4. The brand has a TAG compliance supervisor and participates in TAG’s annual training.

Nearly the end of 2020, Pinterest joined the Global Responsible Media Alliance and has been more pro-brand and consumer-friendly. Pinterest has also released a separate Brand Security Center it outlines the platform’s many years of efforts to make Pinterest a safe place for brands. It’s no wonder 91% of people say they see Pinterest as a positive place. In the words of Pinterest, they believe you can’t feel it inspired without knowing safe first.”

For brands, this means they can approach the platform with confidence by looking for a reliable space to market their business. Even without this certificate, Pinterest is still an effective social media network for brands 2 of 3 people say they go to Pinterest to look for new products and services they trust.

It will be interesting to see what the next steps for Pinterest are in their transparency and security measures, but so far this certificate will give Pinterest a crown on other platforms.


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