Are the pages in the “Excluded” section of the Google Search Console coverage report an indication that there are quality issues with the site in addition to those pages? Can be. Google’s John Mueller responded to Ori Zilbershtein, hinting that this could be such a sign.

The stallion asked, “There are pages in the GSC that are” being indexed – not currently indexed. “In some cases, these are very important pages on the site. How can a site owner ensure that they are indexed?”

John Mueller replied “you can’t force pages to crawl – it’s normal that we don’t crawl all pages on all websites. It’s not a problem with ‘that page’, it’s more site-wide. Creating a good site structure and ensuring the site is as high quality as possible is essential direction. “

So here John says this may be more of a site-wide issue and not a specific “that page” problem. He added: “Creating a good site structure and ensuring site quality is essentially the direction” right after that.

Here are these Tweets:

Google defines indexed – not indexed “Indexed – not currently indexed: Google indexed the page but did not index it. It may or may not be indexed in the future. It does not need to be resubmitted for indexing.”

We know Google has said it several times indexing issues may be related to quality issues with the entire site. In order for pages to be indexed, they must pass quality inspections. And if you see you the site is deindexed, it can be a sign of a quality issue.

So can it make sense to try to reduce “Indexed – not currently indexed” pages as much as possible?

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