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Norwegian Parliament the legislature, the Storting, has recently voted to pass a law requiring influencers and advertisers to disclose retouched images on social media.

By VICE, the new regulation was passed as an amendment to the Marketing Act, winning the landslide by 72-15 votes.

New Legislation, advertisements or messages in which the shape, size or texture of the body has been modified – even through a filter – are required to affix a sticker designed by the Norwegian Ministry of Children and the Family.

Examples retouched photos have enlarged lips, tapered waistlines, and exaggerated muscles, although this may not apply to lighting or saturation.

In social media, such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, influencers and celebrities who post paid or sponsored images must also comply with the new law, and violations may result in an increase in fines.

Demonstration Such a law comes at the center of an ongoing public debate in Norway about “body pressure” or beauty standards. The Ministry of Children and Families cited studies that showed that such general norms now contributed to the low self-esteem of young people.

“Body pressure is always present, often imperceptibly, and difficult to combat. The requirement to label retouched or otherwise manipulated advertising is one measure against body pressure, ”the Ministry of Children and Family wrote in an amendment sent to Parliament. VICE.

Despite the verdict the ministry acknowledged that photo manipulation is becoming increasingly difficult to determine, making it more difficult to enforce the new law. There may also be unintended consequences of influencers choosing cosmetic surgery instead of using editing software to “fulfill their ideals”.

Surprisingly, as per report in a Norwegian newspaper The gang of the world, local influencers have welcomed the decision, and one even supported the idea of ​​tagging all retouched photographs.

[via VICE, cover image via Shutterstock]



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