Picture through NASA

Instead of sending animals to space, NASA turns to a trio of anatomically accurate dummies to help test it afloat cheese a month before the Artemis 2 mission.

CrewMoonikins“, as the space agency calls them, consist of a full-size male man-like doll as well as two female bodies. They’re not just there to look beautiful; Mashable reports that the dolls consist of components that simulate skin, organs, and bones, as well as sensors that allow scientists to gain insights into how the human body can react to radiation.

Two endless, female-like phantoms, named ‘Helga’ and ‘Zohar’ Last year, the German Aviation Center and the Israeli Space Agency are helping to determine how the female body would react to the effects of radiation because women are seemingly more sensitive to it.

Picture through NASA

‘Zohar’ may be the reader to extreme conditions because he is wearing an radiation-attenuating AstroRad vest. Meanwhile, ‘Helga’ in blue stays in her birthday dress to measure the effectiveness of the outerwear.

What comes to male puppet, NASA baptized it ”Commander Moonikin Camposafter heroic astronaut Arturo Campos on Tuesday as a result of a public poll that garnered more than 300,000 votes. The actual Campos led the Apollo 13 astronauts back to Earth as a result of a malfunction of the oxygen tank.

Picture through NASA

Mellow, ‘Commander Moonikin Campos would be subjected to more exhausting tests. He is wearing a complete Orion Crew Survival System suit designed to use Artemis astronauts in stages and must be attached to sensors to assess the radiation exposure of the Orion spacecraft.

Trio is expected to begin the Artemis 1 expedition later this year as a preface to Artemis 2 in 2023, the first NASA crew operation on the surface of the moon since the 1970s.

Picture through NASA

[via Mashable, images via NASA]



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