The Litecoin price will keep the position close to $ 150 – June 30th
The LTC / USD market will keep its position close to $ 150 after smaller consecutive rises. The market value now trades around 139 with a percentage of about -3.34.

Price keeps station close to $ 150 Level: LTC Market
Key levels:
Resistance levels: $ 180, $ 230, $ 280
Support levels: $ 110, $ 100, $ 90

LTC / USD – daily chart
On the LTC / USD daily chart, the cryptography economy now holds its position closer to $ 150. The downward trend line pulled down over the larger SMA to join the smaller SMA at the aforementioned market point. The 50-day SMA indicator is located above the 14-day SMA trend line. Stochastic oscillators have moved the blue line to the overbought territory for a moment. This means less impulsive movement in the recent significant recovery in the cryptography market.

Will the eruption come at the $ 150 level as the LTC / USD market keeps its position close to it?

Now, it seems there is no stronger signal to support the $ 150 level eruption LTC / USD the market holds its position close to it. Conversion barriers have been built around that point so that the price can see the resistance. The market can also start moving around the level of range-bound movement style in an instant. In the meantime, what is technically acceptable is that below the aforementioned level of trade, there are zones in the base that bulls can reliably receive purchase offers when the price presses down.

As a downside to this cryptocurrency, bears are needed to increase pressure to about $ 150 in the sessions of the next trading days. The path south after the current downtrend is around the point. A sudden hike at that point can nullify the trade psyche to get back down. Therefore, bears should be careful when placing a sales order now on the market.

LTC / BTC price analysis

Trendy ability Litecoin compared to Bitcoin there seems to be a gradual recovery in motion. Basic encryption keeps its position close to the smaller SMA from below. The 50-day SMA indicator is above the 14-day SMA trend line. Stochastic oscillators have just moved into overbought territory to suggest that the basic instrument is on the verge of relaxation in its active movement north.

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