There could have been an unconfirmed update yesterday, June 30, just two days after Google performed a spam update – which was performed on the 28th and would have been seen more on the 29th than on the 30th. But who knows, maybe it ran until the 29th, and what we see is due to variations the second part of the spam update?

Chat on some forums, including WebmasterWorld and Black hat world and social media. Gaming isn’t too crazy, but there are speeches. Also, tracking tools, many of them, look like warm weather (as a large portion of the U.S. population feels right now).

SEO chat

Here are some of the chatter I have seen:

In the last two days, my site got a very high performance, which almost overturned the December core update.

Now, today, this is the complete opposite and it has returned exactly to where it used to be about two and a half days ago.

From the analysis charts, you can see exactly the hour when it started and when it stopped. It’s like the switch was turned on and then off.

I think they might test the next kernel update.

Or the spam update was canceled.

I saw this on Monday … almost normal traffic and my first results in a week. Yesterday, traffic stopped sharply at 9 a.m. and remained very low throughout the day. I hope that is not a sign of the future. Today, I wake up to the big night rise that dropped to zero every hour at 9 a.m. This pattern is clear to many of us here … traffic simply disappears in the main times of business.

The amount of traffic classified as “direct” to my site has dropped a lot since the weekend. We talk 40-60% daily, returning to normal on Monday, then back on Tuesday. This is mostly traffic from Google Images … has anyone else seen this drop

I don’t know about your own niche, but my niche Top 10 is full of Pinterest social shares, Facebook pages, PDF shares, and other parasites with mostly spun content and lots of outbound links.

An excellent update to remove copy paste

Has anyone turned off T’Internet today, July 1st?

Incredibly dead on all my sites, I had to check that my server was gone, very little spam and a few emails!

I was just going through my log and the switch for me was turned around at 11pm UK time on Wednesday night.

For more information, 90 +% of visitors since 11pm have had one page views, very unusual, and at 6am UK time this morning zero US visitors, which is unlikely at 10pm West Coast time, nothing 5 hours?!?!

Tracking tools

Here are some of the tracking tool screens:


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Advanced online investments:

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Cognitive SEO:

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Again, I’m not sure if this part is another part of the spam update or just one normal unconfirmed Google Algorithm Updates.

Forum discussion WebmasterWorld and Black hat world.


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