Currently, only users with at least 10,000 followers can include a swipe link in their stories on Instagram. By Limit, Instagram is now running a test that allows all users to add URL links through stories linked to Stories.

The “swipe up” link in the stories has been a useful tool for marketers who need to drive traffic and prove a return on investment other than increasing brand awareness on Instagram. However, the successor requirement to this feature has been restrictive that small businesses activists and content producers with less than 10,000 followers. Many of these accounts have built and set up strong communities on Instagram, and the inability to use important brand features can limit their opportunities for partnership.

Instagram seems to be recognizing this issue and is now testing linked label features with these smaller but clearly impressive accounts.

A significant advantage of labels over swipe links is the ability of users to respond to the story. Currently, swipe the feature to disable direct replies. However, placing a label on an image leaves the bottom line open for messages, thus helping to engage with the feature. For example, fans can respond to the latest blog post or ask questions about a resource that the account has shared with a sticker.

The biggest concern, of course, would be the misuse of the linking option when it is available to everyone. Instagram product manager Vishal Shah says Limit they are currently monitoring links sent by people and are especially looking for false information and spam. the goal they want to achieve if it proves to work well.

Vishal Shah also points out that labels are already a natural way for users to interact on the platform. Currently, stickers allow people to participate in campaigns, express emotions, add style to their stories, and share information such as location, time, and even temperature with their viewers. This may open up other varieties or sponsored stickers in the future. In either case, the ability to link without a barrier to succession is excellent news for any small business that could benefit from the option.


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