The development of mobile applications inevitably involves writing program code, choosing a framework to implement capabilities, and choosing an operating system. The list of tasks for a mobile app developer includes:

– creation of technical specifications for mobile application development;
– Discussion with the client about the main stages and progress of the project
– Building architecture;
– Direct programming;
– Working with application design;
– adapting the mobile application to the target operating system;
– working with testers;
– Creating instructions for working with ready-made applications;
– paperwork;
– Deploying apps in the AppStore and GoogleMarket, as well as other mobile app stores.

What services are included in mobile development

Many studios offer turnkey functionality and project management. In this case, the mobile application development service package may include the following aspects:

– task analysis followed by complete immersion in project development (including analysis of the competitive environment) and the search for possible solutions;
– concept preparation and development of a design solution (this is called UX / UI / IA design), development of technical specifications for developers;
– development of mobile functions;
– Testing, debugging and verification of developed application features
– Application implementation
– Integration of analytics, integration of applications in the online market, marketing and advertising.

Most modern studios offer comprehensive services that include all of the above stages of application development. Thanks to a comprehensive service package, each ideological instructor can fully transfer the main points of development to the shoulders of professional programmers and designers by independently committing to the uniqueness and creation of the application.

Flutter and React Native development. Key benefits. Price

Flutter is the name of Google’s open source SDK (software development package). Despite the fact that Flutter was a relatively new framework (the world saw it in 2017), it quickly gained popularity among developers. After its release Flutter application development has not stopped growing and healing, which is good news. This mobile development environment is provided by Dart, a programming language also created by Google. Therefore, C ++ and Java developers can easily work with this reactive framework. The tool comes with a huge number of useful widgets and has a single code base suitable for developing iOS and Android applications.

React Native is another open source framework that offers the ability to develop robust mobile applications simultaneously for different operating systems. Because React Native is owned by Facebook, most of the applications in the Facebook family, such as Instagram, Skype, and in fact Facebook itself, are built using this technology. React Native application development uses JavaScript and React.js as programming languages. Needless to say, this is a huge plus for developers, as most of them don’t have to master new technology from the start. Unlike Flutter, React Native has a longer history since its introduction in 2015. One of the biggest benefits of this tool is its libraries and numerous tutorials.

Currently, Flutter is popular. Based on that, application development costs a minimum of $ 25, a maximum – about $ 100 per hour worked. React Native development costs the same – the applications on both platforms are roughly similar at the time of writing, so there are no significant differences in prices.

RexSoft. Professional and adaptive development

One of the undisputed leaders in mobile application development focuses on the U.S. market RexSoft. With eight years of development experience, the company guarantees professional application development for Android and iO with turnkey functionality, and functional programming meets key standards.

Thanks to an optimized and synergistic development process, the company’s development and design team has unique prices – just $ 24 per development hour, which is the minimum price in the segment for iPhone and Android software product development. The expanded development team has all the necessary licenses and access to development environments to build unique architectures and systems that will continue to be trendy among mobile phone users for years after release.

The company’s portfolio includes more than 100 completed projects. If you are looking for a reliable and professional development team to create a turnkey application – make the choice in favor of RexSoft and you will definitely not go wrong.



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