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Want to know if your social media campaigns are working well? In this article, you’ll find key metrics and social media tracking tools to track your activity and get marketing information.

By creating a social media campaign, you hope it will bring in leads, increase the engagement of your posts, and increase traffic to your website. In other words, it works effectively. Right?

Therefore, you need to analyze every marketing campaign you use on social platforms. Luckily there is social media tracking tools who does some of this work for you.

A scam magazine about analyzing social media campaigns

Tracking key metrics is a common practice in social media marketing. Many experts use it to check their KPIs.

However, tracking social media can give you more marketing information.

Analyzing the results will help you:

  • examine PGI best practices
  • test the marketing hypothesis
  • develop a new effective social media campaign
  • improve your marketing strategy on social networks.

There are many tools for campaign tracking. You can start Awario.

Sign up free 7 day trial and follow these instructions:

Awario Infographics: How to analyze a social media campaign


Social media tracking is a common marketing method. You can start using it look for references, track the results of your marketing campaign or analyze your competitors.

Which social media metrics do you think are most important? How do you follow them? Let’s discuss it in the comment section below or on social media!


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