How local businesses can improve their landing pages

During the COVID-19 pandemic, customers looking for safer services bought from a local company for the first time. They found local businesses based on online searches and made purchasing decisions based on the availability of supplies, edge picking, and contactless payment. All this information was present (or missing) local landing pages (LLP for short).

The first exposure of a local business to the consumer

Customers will see that Learning Learning is first a Google Local Pack that displays map results, star ratings, and more above organic search results. Ranking in a local package is based on several factors, including Google My Business (GMB) listings, backlinks, reviews, and social media engagement. Companies that want to optimize their GMB listing must retrieve their company profile, complete all of its sections (including name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website, and more) and keep company information up to date. Companies in one location can simply optimize their GMB list and link their website to their home page, but businesses in many locations need lifelong learning programs to succeed.

What makes a successful LLP? Because LLPs are separate websites dedicated to a specific business location, they allow the business owner to link each page to a separate listing in GMB. Features that enhance local learning local search ranking include hyperlocal content, location imagery, Google Maps embedding, location-specific social media profiles, and Google 360 ‚Äč‚Äčtours. The strategic implementation of these features will certainly help a local business to rise in search results.

Local landing pages must be available to all vessels

Another important factor is mobile capabilities; 84% of local searches are done on mobile devices. Designing a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. Features that enhance the mobile experience include floating action buttons, click-to-call numbers, and coupons for mobile devices. Additional products for LLP programs used on both desktop and mobile devices are elements of trust, such as customer logos, security stamps or company awards, as well as coupons and sales that appear prominently on the website. Listing options for convenient two-way communication, such as sending text messages and updating information, such as store opening hours and temporary closures, also enhance the customer experience.

Anatomy of a local landing page


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