Google announced it is tightening its policy on financial services advertisers targeting UK applicants and consumers. The policy will be published in full on August 30, 2021 and then seven days later, and will be implemented on September 6, 2021.

Google is doing this to combat financial fraud in the UK.

This policy requires Google to confirm those who wish to run financial ads in the UK through Google. As part of the verification process, advertisers must demonstrate that they are licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority or are entitled to one of the exceptions described in this publication. UK Financial Services Confirmation Page, Google said. This link provides information about the verification process.

Ads related to the following categories are not considered financial services in this policy, but must still comply with all other Google Ads policies:

  • Products covered by our debt service policy
  • Products covered by our complex speculative financial product policy: contracts of resignation, mobile spot foreign exchange markets, financial price bets. Ads in this category are targeted to UK users seeking financial services, as long as they meet the requirements of our complex speculative financial products policy and are fully verified if requested by Google.
  • Gambling (see our gambling and gaming policy)
  • Products under cryptocurrency, credit adjustment and binary options policies

Google began the process strengthening advertisers worldwide in January, but this is a step forward.

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