What you publish and how you publish often determines whether your SaaS blog attracts more readers and customers. There are several blog post formats, but only a few can produce the expected results.

So, if you want to increase the real traffic to your blog, build your email list and Convert more users, visit our SaaS Marketing Specialist at Getuplead have identified a few blog post formats you can always trust.

Without going into it without wasting time.

The most popular blog formats for SaaS companies

We’ve identified these winning blog formats and why you can be sure you’ll get results from them.

1. Instructions

The primary reason why someone searches the Internet is to find answers to questions or solutions to problems they face in their daily activities. So a blog that highlights your customers ’pain points and offers practical solutions is always a question.

And that’s exactly how the instructions produce. For example, if your product is an artificial intelligence email writing tool. Your target audience is people who are looking for more effective ways to write emails for different purposes.

Now that you know these problems, you can create user guides that provide a step-by-step solution to these problems. For example, you could type “Best emails in the shortest time possible” or “How to write professional emails for a beginner.”

If you are unfamiliar with user guides, you can check out the principles of helpful blogs and instructions for writing them. You should also check a few examples from the right perspective.

2. Comparative texts

Comparison posts are highly recommended in the form of SaaS blogs because they can help potential buyers decide. It is always possible for you to have two or more similar products in parallel, focusing on performance and value.

The comparison may be based on the type of user or a specific use case. It’s an excellent form of mail in the middle of the funnel, where potential users are already considering a few options.

Your comparison message should be structured to convince a potential customer to choose you. So focus on what makes your products better than your competitors.

3. Checklists

Given today’s busy schedules, we want to do more things in less time. With a checklist, you can just identify the tasks your target audience is investing in and create valuable content around them.

The growing demand for checklists means that they work well in search engines and get you organic traffic. If done well, checklists will get you valuable lead magnets, such as content updates. A printable version of your checklist can also run as an opt-in incentive.

You can find tons of SaaS blogs that use the checklist format online.

4. Long-form evergreen resources

Google clearly prefers long-term blog posts because they provide more information on a particular topic and are more likely to answer questions from applicants. Evergreen topics are topics that have long-term significance. So if you create long useful content around such topics, you can be sure to get steady organic traffic for as long as possible and ultimately increase your chances of gaining new customers.

For best results, long-lasting evergreen content can complement the head of your funnel, but you can adjust it to fit other funnel points.

How do you create great long-lasting evergreen blog posts?

– Start by identifying a topic that stays relevant for as long as possible.

– You can start writing a post when you have a topic and make sure it is easy to understand, fluff-free and rich in search engine optimization.

You can do it manually or hire a respected blog writer who knows your industry, your audience and your business.

5. Thought leader pieces

If you want to strengthen the authority of your industry as a SaaS company and get people to know more about your products, creating thought leadership messages is the right way to go.

Throwing the post of thought leader at the top of the funnel can get potential users to choose you from among your competitors. In addition to being set as the best solution to their problem, your business also promotes vital connections with potential customers, with all the thought guides.

There are many forms of thinking leader positions. For example, a detailed message about a particular industry can count as an idea leader. Alternatively, you can predict future changes in your industry or provide your information on trend industry topics.


An easy way to improve your blog results is to integrate these powerful ones types of blog posts for your content strategy. Come up with an editorial calendar to help you get around these blog formats to post quality posts.

While this isn’t exactly a walk in the park, following the best practices for each blog post form can make it easier.



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