On Tuesday, June 29, extensive news from two well-known celebrities to join FTX (cryptographic attempt) has aroused excitement among fans and cryptographic holders.

Big names: Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, a celebrity couple, has taken a stake in the well – established crypto company “FTX” in a long – standing coalition. The pair will be introduced to an up-to-date universe of digital assets. Both the incredibly famous supermodel Bundchen and prominent American footballer Brady meet FTX ambassadors.

Founder and CEO of FTX

Sam Bankman-Fried said in a phone interview that Gisele and Tom are legends and they have reached heights of success in their respective fields. He continued: When it comes to what our company represents, we want to be known as the most promising product that exists in the world.

Due to the publication, Bundchen will also take on the role of advisor to the FTX on Environmental and Social Initiatives. The cryptocurrency refused to disclose its stake, but it was confirmed that both would receive an anonymous amount and class of encryption.

The participation of a celebrity couple in the world of encryption

The cryptographic firm FTX, with solid responsibility for 29-year-old Bankman-Fried, has grown into the world’s largest cryptographic exchange company. Bankman-Fried said he has also spoken to other big names in the past about possible coalitions; For Bundchen and Brady, however, they were indeed involved in the partnership and were excited about their participation.

The couple’s embassy will show up when the FTX plans to raise $ 1 billion in a new round of funding that could raise its value to $ 20 billion. However, the lead investors have not yet been appointed and the terms of the funding round are subject to change until it is confirmed. The FTX representative declined to report anything in the funding round.

Brady has been a supporter of cryptocurrencies. In May, he unexpectedly increased Bitcoin’s support when he put a picture of himself with laser eyes (note signifies support for industry) as his Twitter profile picture.

At a conference with Bankman-Fried earlier this year, Brady also confirmed that he had discussed cryptocurrencies and their exchange rates with his teammates and coaches almost every day.

On Monday, referring to the decline in the value of Bitcoin from the previous month, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback tweeted to ask if anyone had any thoughts in the laser eye of “NO ACTION”. The next day, he released a video titled “I hear we’re going to the moon?” Where he throws a bitcoin towards the moon and it clearly bounces in a big blow.


Meanwhile, the FTX has also brought coalitions to other sports. Recently, it has made a deal with Major League Baseball and renamed the Miami Heat National Basketball Association FTX Arena.


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