Picture of a Boxabl home. Picture through Boxabl

After you have sold everything but one of his California mansions, Elon Musk, has moved to Boca Chica, Texas, near the SpaceX development and testing site. Mission to move people to Mars, Musk founded the company in May 2002 to design, manufacture and launch spacecraft.

With net worth Of the $ 169.3 billion, Musk has made it clear that he doesn’t want to own a lot of assets, allowing him to focus on “bigger tasks” – probably the reason for this move. He now lives mainly in a 375-square-foot box: the Casita (Spanish-speaking “small house”), manufactured by Boxabl, a startup that produces an immediate house that can be delivered and leveled, and installation takes just one day.

The company sent an update last November’s teasing news that it had made Casita House a “high-profile,” “top-secret” customer for Boca Chica, who just happened to have a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket poster on his door.

Install as a standard studio, it has everything you would expect – a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a large room divided into a living room / bedroom. It has low overall bills, which is no surprise given Tesla’s strong position on sustainability.

From the inside, the space looks almost like your ordinary apartment, without the tendencies of its outer perimeter. According to a Tweet Musk himself, “it’s pretty awesome though.”

[via The Observer, cover image via Boxabl]



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