Pictures via Marvel Studios and Disney +

Back for more evil, Tom Hiddleston’s Log is going to Springfield and finds himself pushing heads with an alternative version of the Avengers. Hiddleston repeats his role as an animated Loki.

New Disney + short, Good, Bart and Loki, the transformation scammer is expelled from Asgard and a meeting with the Simpsons. His new criminal partner is not surprising that is a criminal Bart.

Happy, promotional an animated short visual model is modeled Avengers: Final game a poster in which the residents of Springfield fulfill the roles of superheroes. Bart, for example, is Thanos, no less, while Moe amusingly takes on the role of Vision.

Short film follow Disney +’s crossover parody in between The Simpsons and Star Wars starring Maggie Simpson, The power wakes up from its poles.

Get your donuts ready as the specialty arrives at Disney + on Wednesday, July 7th.

[via CBR, images via various sources]



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