We all know that there is always a perfect balance between known and unknown things. This balance is important to make the perfect decisions and mistakes through which we learn “how to live this life !!”.

If I say you suffer from a problem that is hidden in your mind and you don’t even know what it is, how you might have to try n different method and then you have a probability of 1 / n success that you succeed in finding the problem and then the appropriate solution. And the probability that the solution is right can be completely different. Sounds tiring, doesn’t it?

What if I tell you, there may be a hidden problem in the mathematical approach to a problem hidden deep inside your brain that makes you act the same way you do? Interesting right! If we start collecting our behavioral data on a three-dimensional level consisting of time, event, and the magnitude of the event. We eventually have an event routine and how and why we handled it the same way we did. And we repeat this activity with over a million people there.

Let’s now do simple math – 1 million (M) people, each with at least 30 events (activities that marked them off made them happy, sad, disapproving, angry, and desperate) and greatness (how much and how they solved it). We will eventually have 30 million solutions and 30 million possible.

I can now make a permutation of these numbers and my mind will explode. But I use neural networks to calculate these for me and I am set for the next challenge.

With this system – every time the problem arises, write down the important variables, and the artificial intelligence neural network can adapt it to different possible combinations with the result of several possible solutions. Your AI / n success is handled by an artificial intelligence algorithm, and you don’t have to look for solutions because someone already did.

Isn’t the concept of artificial intelligence amazing ?!


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