Picture through Christie’s

1890 painting German-American painter Albert Bierstadt, who depicts Rainier of Washington State, according to Sara Macdonald, a representative of the auction house Christie, was “kidnapped” by the well-known unknown street artist Banksy in 2009.

In the bottom right corner the mysterious street artist added a disclaimer “* Requires availability for a limited time only.” The Sans-serif text is a nod to the corporate copy, showing a stark contrast to a work of art from the Romantic era.

Skillful name Availability depends, a simple action by adding a line of text speaks of Banksy’s intentions: to remind us that nature, once revered by artists such as Bierstadt himself, is now a product for a limited time because of the far-reaching effects of global warming.

Although Banksy created this work in the same year as the 2009 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, just over a decade ago, it is true today.

Which might explain price tag – sold at Christie’s auction on King Street in London on Wednesday, valued at £ 3-5 million ($ 4.15-6.9 million). The final winning bid was exactly £ 4,582,500 ($ 6,342,180).

Banksy is no stranger controversy and social issues. Availability depends nor is his first edited work of art: a similar song called Show me Many provides an image of a decommissioned shopping cart and an abandoned traffic cone floating in the water under Monet’s A bridge over a water lily pond. It was sold for $ 9.8 million in October 2020 at the Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong.

[via The Seattle Times, image via Christie’s]



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