PayGrade is a classroom economy simulation that you can use all year round in just about any classroom environment. Recently, PayGrade was acquired by an online investment firm called Hideout. The result of this acquisition is that all features of PayGrade are now free for all teachers and students.

How PayGrade works
Last year i wrote this detailed overview of how PayGrade works. The following is a condensed version of this preview.

PayGrade allows you to create an online classroom space where students have to complete assignments to earn virtual currency. PayGrade offers a list of jobs that you can assign to your students or you can create your own jobs for students. Some of the default job openings that you will find listed in PayGrade are Secretary, Environmentalist, and Tech Assistant. The rate of pay for each job is something you can choose from.

At the end of each week in PayGrade, your students are paid in virtual currency which they can redeem for various rewards of their choice. Students also have the option to bank their virtual currency for later use.

Pay level is not just a simple “students do work, students get rewards” system. This is because students have to pay bills from their virtual paychecks before they can spend their change on the things they want.


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