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After heated Twitter To be sure, American rapper Aaron Carter has lost a settlement against Berlin-based artist Jonas Jödicke and paid him $ 12,500 for using the work of art to promote his own products last year without permission or license in any form.

When Jödicke asked in order for his copyrighted image to be removed at the time, Carter replied strictly after it was removed, “You should have treated it as a courtesy d ** k, a MINE fan sent this to me,” and said nothing that he would pull the stolen work of art or any license agreement with him.

brotherhood is the title a work of art with two lions touching their foreheads – one white with the sun and the other black to hear. The song began her career as a freelance artist, she says Forbes exclusive interview.

this is not for the first time, Jödicke has encountered art theft; There was an incident with Madonna where she sent a picture of herself photoshopped into one of her paintings. However, to avoid controversy, he withdrew after his request to remove the image had gone unheard of. He regrets this movement, and he ponders, “If we artists always back down like this, things will never change.”

One and a half years later Jödicke has announced that he won the case. To the end of his tweet, he adds, “Artists, fight for your rights! If you don’t, no one will.”

[via Boing Boing, image via CarlaVanWagoner / Shutterstock.com]



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