Picture through Tom Miller (Press release)

Last month, Salvatore Garau, a 67-year-old Italian artist, staged an invisible sculpture at auction for € 6,000 to $ 9,000 ($ 7,300 to $ 12,200). Surprisingly, “Work” was sold for 15,000 euros (18,300 USD), as the artist compares it to a “vacuum.”

Now Tom Miller, a performance artist from Florida, sues Garau, saying he had created the work first. In 2016, Miller installed his own invisible sculpture at Bo Diddley Community Plaza, outdoor spaces in Gainesville, Florida.

Skillful name Nothing, the installation of the sculpture took five days, and a group of workers imitated moving air bodies. Miller had even made a short film about his “work,” a kind of parody documentary with fake artists and curators.

By email that Artnet newsMiller said, “I can only say it personally Nothing is very important to me. I should be credited Nothing (especially the idea Nothing sculpture), and Gainesville, Florida – not Italy – is where Nothing happened first. ”

Miller’s lawyer, Richard Fabiani said a letter had been sent to Garau and an action would be sought if no amicable settlement could be reached.

“In our opinion it is clear that Mr. Miller created his work before Garau and we know that Mr. Garau was aware of the work. Mr Miller clearly deserves to be recognized for his work and to have all the rights and benefits that such recognition brings, ”Fabiani said. Artnet news.

Although many artists have been involved in various controversies over time, it is certainly the first time they have fought “nothing”. It will be interesting to see how this lasts.

Picture through Tom Miller

Picture through Tom Miller

[via Artnet News, images via Tom Miller (press release)]



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